Wednesday’s Website – Taylortown Coupon Preview

Each week on Wednesday, I spotlight a website that I think is worthy, and give you a little review of it.

In the spotlight for April 29,2009 is Taylortown Coupon Preview.

This is a site that a lot of you might not know about, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.  Taylortown Coupon Preview is just that, a coupon preview.  If you are wanting to know ahead of time which coupons are coming out in the coupon inserts each weekend,  then you can stop by this site to find out.  Previews are usually up by Friday or sooner.  This way you can know if you need to plan to buy more or less papers depending on the coupons that will be there.  It’s also a nice reminder in case there won’t be any coupon inserts (remember we don’t get coupon inserts on holiday weekends).

You can also order coupons from the site owner if you wish.  Not only is it a nice resource to see ahead of time which coupons will be coming out, but you can also search through past dates to find coupons and their expiration dates.  If you are an insert filer, then it’s a good source to be able to look at past inserts to find out if there are still coupons that have not expired yet. Check out Taylortown Coupon Preview!  It’s a helpful resource that I use weekly.

Do you have a site you want to nominate to be Wednesday’s Website? Send me an email and tell me why you want that site to be spotlighted.

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