What is Double Dipping?

I’ve had several people contact me and ask me what Double Dipping is. Due to the high volume of questions just regarding this, I decided it was best to explain for all to see.

Towards the end of the month, Walgreens puts out the new Easy Saver Catalog, while the old one is still available to use. Both catalogs have coupons in them, and both coupons can be used. Some of the coupons are the same, and if both are scanned then both amounts will come off.
For example:
A few months back, there was a coupon in the Easy Saver for $5 off when you buy two packs of Wags Brand diapers. The way this works is if you buy two or more, it takes off $2.50 for each pack. The packs were priced that week at $5.99. The following month also had a $5 off two or more packs coupon in it. When both coupons were scanned, it took a total of $5 off each pack of diapers. Make sense? So it ended up being .99 for each pack you bought. Using a coupon from each catalog when the dates overlap is called Double Dipping.

Another way to Double Dip is to use a coupon from one month, and a rebate from the other month.
For example:
This week during double dipping days, Pert Plus is $4.79 and it is a Free After Rebate item for September. And then there will be a $2.50/1 Wags coupon in the October Easy Saver Catalog. Using a coupon from one month and a rebate from another month, is also known as double dipping.
Combine this deal with the $3/1 manufacturer coupon that many of us have from past inserts, and this is a great moneymaker! You’ll have overage from the Wags Coupon and the MFR Coupon, and then get a rebate! Sweet deal.

Completely new to Wags? There is a certain way to hand over coupons, and handle any overage you might get. Check out this thread HERE for an easy rundown of how to coupon at Wags.

As a side note, using both a September ESR Coupon, and an October ESR Coupon is a very YMMV (Your mileage/manager may vary) thing. I have not had the best of luck at my store doing it, as have many others. I have contacted Walgreens about their coupon policy on this, and have not received a clear answer.
Overage is another thing I have not received a clear answer from corporate about. Best of luck to you this week trying out these deals. Double Dipping starts bright and early on the 26th, and ends when your store closes on the 27th. See my Wags deals on the right for some Double Dipping deals, and if I find anymore I will post them.

September Easy Saver Catalog

October Easy Saver Catalog

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  1. Are the september/october ES in the store at the same time? If I go in tomorrow, is it going to be out?

  2. The September one is available in the store now, but they probably won’t give you the October one. You can ask though. It will be available online tomorrow and you can print the coupons straight from the Walgreens website tomorrow. I’ll have the link tomorrow.

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