Whole Foods New Coupons for May, June, and July!

Whole Deal

Whole Foods publishes a new edition of The Whole Deal value guide every two months.  It’s available in stores and online, and it’s full of coupons, recipes, meal plans, and money-saving tips.

The best part is that the coupons last longer than the publication by an entire month!  That’s right, Whole Foods coupons are good for three months.  So the May/June coupons that just came out don’t expire until July 31, 2013.  That’s good news, right!?

My favorite coupons from the newest edition of The Whole Deal are:

Don’t wait.  Print these coupons now and create your shopping list for the summer.

Click here to check out this week’s deals and of all the new Whole Foods coupons for May and June.

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