Whole Foods Market Coupon Policy

Recently I was able to spend some time with two Whole Foods Market marketing managers, and take a Value Tour through the store. I was able to confirm that the coupon policy is the same for every store across the nation, so here is the national coupon policy for Whole Foods Market:

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The Whole Foods Market Coupon Policy is the same for every store in the nation. Here are the basic policies:

  1. You can combine manufacturer coupons with store coupons.
  2. You get a 10% discount if you buy a case of any item in the store. Case size varies by item, but the number that comes in a case is visible on the shelf tag.
  3. Case discounts can be combined with coupons.
  4. Sales can be combined with case discounts and coupons.
  5. Get a bag discount on your order for every reusable bag you use. .05-.10 per bag.
  6. You do not need to print or clip multiples of the coupons. Use 1 coupon multiple times if you have more than one of an item. However, you will need to surrender your coupon at the end of your transaction.

If you are having trouble with a cashier, be sure to talk to a manager. The managers are aware of the coupon policies and are always more than happy to help! And if all else fails, you can give them a link to this post and/or the video. I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods Market very much, and have really loved working with them to offer classes and help customers become savvier when it comes to healthier shopping and meal planning. They are more than willing to help you, as customer service is one of their top priorities.

Get your Whole Foods Market coupon match-ups here.

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