Wii Pro Gland Slam Sports Kit $5.99 Shipped

This was a very popular deal when it was available last time, so I thought I’d bring your attention to it.  1SaleADay has this Wii Sports set for free.  All you pay is $5.99 in shipping.  I personally don’t think this is a necessary addition to a Wii gaming system, but I know a lot of people like these sets.  This sale is only available for today or until they sell out.

Go HERE for the deal.   On a side note, they also have a Wii Remote Dual Charging station for $4.99 + $5.99 shipping HERE.  Thanks She Saved!

I’ve heard mixed responses on products from this site, so if you have any feedback, we would all greatly appreciate it!

  1. woah, really? This says: Retail Price: $79.99
    Savings: (100 %) $79.99

    that’s so overpriced.

  2. i bought the charging station last time around when it was free just pay shipping…it worked for one day, now we dont even use it. the ‘battery’ pack doesn’t correctly fit the wii controllers, so in the middle of the game, the controller stops. really frustrating! live and learn…

  3. We bought the charging system last time around as well and it’s an “okay” product. Positive point: it can charge just the battery pack or the entire controller, so if you have other batteries then you can keep playing while the battery pack is charging.

    Negative points: the Wii system has to be turned on for it to charge the remotes. Also, my husband had to fix the connectors that were bent when we got it in order for them to touch the battery pack correctly.

    We also bought the attachments and I wanted to point out that they do NOT work with the MotionPlus controllers–they don’t fit. I did not know that and since we mostly play Wii Sports Resort, those additional attachments are collecting dust. :)

    I’ve bought other things from 1saleaday and it’s kind of hit or miss with the quality of products. However, because I am a sucker for a good deal, I still check their site everyday. LOL!

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