So You Want to Win a Diva Cup?

And, here are the winners:

Cassandra said, “Would love to try this as I hate filling the landfill with extra stuff!”

Molli said, “I would love to try this out! I HATE pads and tampons!”

***All winners have been notified via email with further instructions.  Stay tuned to The Thrifty Mama for more awesome giveaways!***

You’ve heard me rave about my Diva Cup, and while many of you were initially disgusted with the idea, you were also intrigued.  I don’t rave about products lightly. In fact, I’ve done many a negative review on a company or product in the past.

But I don’t have one negative thing I could say about my Diva Cup. It’s perfect, wonderful and I don’t dread having my period anymore.


Reesa from the Suburban Tree Hugger wants to give away two Diva Cups to my readers.  The winners will be able to choose either the size 1 or size 2.


For the next two weeks, Suburban Tree Hugger is offering a special coupon deal for my readers. Get a Diva Cup from the Suburban Tree Hugger’s store and save $15 off the list price with coupon code TDCSave15. Shipping is free within the U.S.!

The coupon code expires two weeks from the date I post this giveaway.


Suburban Tree Hugger is an online retailer providing safe, planet friendly, and affordable products every family can use. The store offers a wide variety of cloth diapers and accessories, stainless steel products, BPA/PVC/Phthalate free toys, and health and beauty items. The owner, Reesa Woodman, runs Suburban Tree Hugger from her living room in Metro Atlanta. She is a Christian, wife, and homeschooling Mom to three amazing children.

Ready to enter for your chance to win? Two winners will receive their choice of a size 1 or size 2 Diva Cup.

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Just leave a comment here on this post. That’s it!

For Extra Entries:

2. Tweet about this giveaway, 3. like Suburban Tree Hugger on Facebook or 4. Blog about this giveaway and leave an extra comment for each one you do. Be sure to link to where you blogged or tweeted.  Optional Tweet:

You put that where?  Enter to win a #DivaCup from @SubTreeHugger & @CrystalECollins #green

Please be sure to read all giveaway guidelines and disclosures before entering. The Thrifty Mama did not and will not receive any compensation or product for running this giveaway or linking to the Suburban Tree Hugger store. Giveaway ends Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 9pm EST.

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  1. That makes the compliment “divalicious” mean something TOTALLY different!

  2. I am not easily grossed out but gee I just dont know about that…

  3. I really DO want to win one! I’ve wanted to try one since your original post I just haven’t gone through with actually buying one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I would love to win this! I’ve wanted to try a Diva Cup for awhile now!

  5. Ive heard of this before and I would like to win one to try!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now.

  7. I had a friend suggest this once but I never got around to being a DIVA……=o)

  8. Oh good! I’ve been wanting to try a Diva Cup for ages. I hope I win!

  9. I would love to try this after i give birth of course. Kinda useles now.

  10. Im REALLLLY curious about it now & want to try it…winning it would be better because I dont know that I would buy it…:)

  11. Why not…still hesitant but you never know…:)

  12. Super! Ladies, if you’ve wanted to try it….get one. It will change the quality of your life during your period!!!

  13. I was just starting to think about buying one of these. Would love to win one!

  14. I’d love to try it!! I’ve just been reluctant to spend the money on it because I might not like it!!

  15. I’d love to try one! I have super heavy periods and after reading your original post I’d like to try it!

  16. I would LOVE one of these! I keep meaning to look into getting one but I either forget or find out I’m pregnant 😛

  17. Very interesting, I’m willing to try it out!

  18. Sounds interesting. I wouldn’t mind trying it!

  19. Ya Diva cups! I’ve seen them before and I’d love to be able to try it!

  20. I’ve been wanting one for a few months now. Very intrigued (but my hubby is disgusted lol!!!). Thanks for the contest :)! Crossing my fingers…

  21. I’ve always wanted to try these.

    Liked the FB page too 😀

  22. Liked them on facebook also linked about the giveaway!

  23. Not grossed out at all – would LOVE to win one in size 2! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  24. These sound so great! Can’t wait to try it!

  25. I’m really curious about this and would love to give it a try.

  26. I have a friend who uses the Diva Cup and loves it. I’ve been intrigued. I’d love to save money and the environment at the same time! :)

  27. I have had mine in my amazon cart forever! now maybe I can win and save money!

  28. I have had one in my Amazon cart for a couple months now! Maybe I will win and save money!!! thanks

  29. I am so curious about the Diva cup. I would love to find out if it would work for me.

  30. I want a diva cup! Still sounds gross to me, but would love to try it!

  31. I have to say the more I read about it the more I’d like one! Pick me please! 😎

  32. I would love to try this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  33. I’ve been wanting to try this. It would totally save so much money every month.

  34. It sounds weird and cool at the same time! I am very intrigued!! Hope I get to try it!

  35. I would love to win a Diva cup! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway :)

  36. I’ve been wanting to try a diva cup. I heard about them a while ago but was skeptical. Your review has made me more intrigued.

  37. I would love to try this out! I HATE pads and tampons!

  38. I have wanted to try this ever since I read your original post about it. I love the idea that I wouldn’t have so many discarded products each month that just get tossed in some landfill, the idea of contributing so much waste to our planet is appalling to me. It sounds so easy and natural!

  39. Been nervous to try – thanks for the giveaway!

  40. It has been on my mind lately to try one of these womanly devices….so ladies, how great IS it?

  41. It has been on my mind lately to try one of these womanly devices….so ladies, how great IS it?

  42. Been wanting to try it. This is a perfect time!

  43. I didn’t tweet or blog but I did post about this giveaway as my status on facebook today :) Does that count?

  44. I’d love to win! I’ve been wanting to try one!

  45. Wouldn’t this be an interesting conversation piece…” You won WHAT from a give away from Surburban Tree hugger Via The Thrifty Mama! I would love to win one, been contemplating the idea for some time now!! :-) (~future Diva)

  46. That was my guess of what the ‘prize’ might be lol

  47. That was my guess of what the ‘prize’ might be lol

  48. I would love to try this out. Thank you for the generous donation Suburban Tree Hugger.

  49. I’ve heard great things about the diva cup; I would love a chance to try it.

  50. Hmmm….I’ll try just about anything. I’ve been curious about this one.

  51. I find these intriguing and would love to try it out.

  52. I liked their facebook page, and have been wondering if the diva cup is effective and as comfortable as people say so would like to check it out.

  53. I am so excited for this giveaway! Been wanting to try the diva cup for awhile!

  54. no period yet since ds2… but anytime now and so not looking forward to nasty tampons and pads. ready for eco (and mommy)-friendly options!

  55. I have been wanting to try this since reading your blog a few months ago!

  56. I have been wanting to try this out.

  57. I do pay attention when you post a rave review so I’m willing to give it a chance !

  58. I like Surburban Tree Hugger on Facebook! (MamasBabiesx5/Melissa Allison)

  59. I had never heard of the Diva Cup before I saw ThriftyMama’s post on Facebook. After checking out the website I find it extremely interesting. I would love to win one!

  60. Have been wanting to try this…and for free…WOW~

  61. I have loved mine for years and was thinking of replacing it. Thanks for the chance!

  62. I’m willing to try it. I like to jump on the latest bandwagon! :)

  63. I have heard of these, very interested in trying it!

  64. after leaving my comment, my 20 yr old daughter told me I shoulda said “that’s bloody awesome!” hahaha

  65. I definitely would be willing to try it out, especially with it being free!

  66. I’ve never heard of these before. Initially my thought was a little “yuck” but as a I read through the post, I am so intrigued to try it. I also suffer from bad cramps the first day and never really thought that those could be caused by the tampons/pads. I also hate having to running to the bathroom only to realize that I left my purse with my tampons back at the table. How embarrassing when you have to go grab it and go back to the bathroom. Why not just announce to everyone that it’s the lovely time of the month!! Can’t wait to try this product!!

  67. I would love to try out the Diva Cup. I have a Moon Cup that serves its purpose, but I’m not loving it. I wish now I’d gone with a Diva Cup! :(

  68. I have been using a Diva Cup for almost 3 years now and I love it. I will never go back to the alternatives.

  69. Is it wrong to be this excited about this giveaway?

  70. I’ve read a few blog posts about the Diva Cup and read about some dangers of using regular pads/tampons. I’ve had 2 miscarriages and would like to go natural in this area as well. Would love to win!

  71. Love the diva cup. so much easier, economical, and enviro-friendly

  72. I would love the chance to try out a Diva Cup! Here’s hoping!

  73. Would love to try this as I hate filling the landfill with extra stuff!

  74. Definatly worth a try. If for the $ savings alone.

  75. Would LOVE one. Been wanting to try for some time now.

  76. I have been wanting one of these for YEARS now, just never got one! :)

  77. wish i had this today! have never heard of it but would like to try it. thanks for the info!

  78. Would love to try it, I have been debating about purchasing one, I know it is supposed to save money in the long run, but 35.00 when I get sanitary needs for free with couponing, kinda makes me hesitant. I suppose eventually I will come around to purchase one, being that they are better for your body and the environment! But if I could win one there would be no excuses :)

  79. I would love to win one of the Diva cups, not only for my personal use but I would love to have it to improve my review on the Diva cup, I need pictures of the cup and would love to put my own experience in the review. Thanks for the great contest.

  80. I want one! :) Even though I’m preggo and likely won’t be baving a period for another year or so! lol

  81. Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?

  82. I “like” Suburban Tree Hugger on Facebook.

  83. I would love to win a Dive Cup. I have wanted to try one for so long now but can’t afford it.

  84. I would like to try it out to see what is like. The cheap part of me in fighting the part of me that wants to be grossed out. Spending zero dollars on tampons. Sounds great.

  85. Thanks for the coupon code! I plan on ordering a diva cup to keep around for when that day comes when my period returns. I haven’t had one since I got pregnant with #2 & #3 was just born last week.

  86. This is the first I’ve heard of this & would LOVE to try it!

  87. I’ve heard such great things about these and keep meaning to order one….but financially something else always comes up. Would love to try this!

  88. I have been intrigued by this for some time. I would definitely like to give it a go.

  89. I’ve been really interested in trying one of these!

  90. Love your site! Always great info! Would love~love to win one and try it out! :0)

  91. Ok so I would totally LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE to win this!! I ve been wanting to try this for ages! pick me pick me:)

    I will also like them on Fb.

  92. I would LOVE to win a Diva Cup!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve heard amazing things about them! Thank you so much, and hope I win!

  93. I would so so so love to try this\(*0*)//.

  94. I would really like to try this. I think its a great thing for the environment.

  95. Think I could try it… if it was free. Why not?

  96. Yes! I’ve been wanting to try one of these! Thanks for this giveaway!

  97. I have been wanting to try this for sometime…I hope I win!

  98. I have been intrigued ever since your post. I ordered a Lunette earlier today, but would love to try a different one.

  99. Ok, ladies I will try it, anything is better than the system I have now-run to the store, use every last product for a week, and vow to restock before next month, then 3 weeks later, run to the store…

  100. I’ve tried the ones you use and pitch. They weren’t as comfortable as these look. It was a nice change from tampons though! I’d love to have a diva cup!

  101. After reading you post on it, I decided I really want one. If other products are really contributing to the awful cramps I get, that grosses me out more than what’s in the cup!

  102. I am SO ready to ditch my tampons!!!! And the idea of actually NOT ditching my tampons and using reusable is an even better idea. I’d love a Diva Cup.

  103. I’d be willing to give it a try. I was definitely in the intrigued/disgusted boat when I read your earlier posts. :-)

  104. I would love to win one of these. I’ve never known anyone who has tried one and I’d love to be the first. lol

  105. I would love to win one! What a wonderful product! Retweeting and liking on FB :)

  106. I would love a diva cup! anything to have happier periods and more economical 😀

  107. Thanks for the giveaway. I have been wanting to try one but unsure if I would like it. I am glad to have a chance to win.


  108. I was intrigued with the diva cup and then was going to buy one on one of the deal sites and by the time I was done researching about it they were gone!

  109. I’m not disgusted but I’m definitely intrigued. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. never heard of these, but it sounds great… would be SO excited to win one! ☺

  111. I have been wanting to buy one for a while. With my husband laid off and ill it would be a total blessing to win one!

  112. I “liked” Suburban Treehugger on facebook!

  113. This is my second month using the Diva Cup..and I Love it! I’m NEVER going to be buying pads or Tampons again. I’d love to have a spare :-)

  114. I’ve been wanting to try these out, sign me up!

  115. I’d like to try this. I like the idea of saving money and not exposing myself to xenoestrogens unnecessarily

  116. I’ve been wanting to try a DivaCup, thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  117. I have to admit, as utterly disgusting as it sounds, I really do want to try it!

  118. Ive heard about these but never tried it…. first time for everything right?

  119. I “like” suburban tree hugger on facebook!


  121. I’m entering to win a diva cup because it would help me on SO many levels! I look forward to never having to count how many tampons I have when I’m due to start, to make sure I have enough. I’m looking forward to not having to guard the trashcan so that my little ones don’t get into used products. I’m looking forward to not polluting with biohazardous waste. And I’m looking forward to not having to feel chaffed from tampons that dry out an area that is supposed to stay moist! Thank you for having this give away…and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!!

  122. Diva queen here. Would so like to have one!! Lol

  123. I have to admit that it sounds a little weird at first but I am definitely intrigued. I figure it can’t feel any weirder than the first time we have to walk down that “aisle” at the grocery store with your dad waiting at the end of the aisle tapping his foot or buy feminine products from the only cashier who happens to be the cutest boy in school or the first time we try those conventional feminine products.

  124. I just read about this and would love to try it!

  125. I’ve been hesitant to try it, but winning one would make it easier!! :)

  126. Wow, what a neat and strange item! I’m not even sure about this but I’d try anything to lessen my cramps.

  127. I am curious myself because I have had an aversion to tampons since the begining. But others have had that issue and liked their Diva. This would be a great no risk way to find out!

  128. This sounds interesting – I’d love to try it!

  129. What an awesome give away! I have been wanting one of these ever since you raved about it, thanks for the chance.

  130. Loved the article, first i have ever heard of it, but would love to try it! Thanks!

  131. It sounded gross to me too, but now that I have one, it’s way less gross than a wet bloody tampon string! I love being able to just put it in and not have to think about it again for the rest of the day and not have to worry about TSS or any cancer causing chemicals up against my cervix.

  132. I love my Diva Cup! I was really wishing I could use it after I had my baby. I hated those yucky pads!

  133. My 15yo would love to have one of these.

  134. I’d love to try one! I’m tired of disposable products!

  135. have wanted to get one for a few years!

  136. I’ve been tempted to try this. Maybe this is the time?

  137. I am so intriguied by this product. I want to try it.

  138. Ever since the last Diva cup post, I’ve been very intrigued.

  139. I’d love to win! Thanks to STH and TTM for the giveaway!! :)

  140. At first I thought, hummmm not sure I can do that. Now, I am thinking that since it is silicone and you only have to change it twice a day, I really want to try it.

  141. I NEED a new one, mine was accidentally thrown away, along with my mama cloth :(

  142. I am a fan of sub.tree hugger on fb, hope i win, because with hub taking a decrease in pay and hours i can’t buy a new one right now.

  143. That is very interesting. I hate pads also.

  144. I would LOVE to win a Diva Cup! I purchased one before, but had to return due to sizing issue and never got around to reordering.

  145. I’m so glad I came across this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try one but it’s really expensive. If I don’t win, I’ll be using the coupon!

  146. I love my cloth pads and would really like to pair them with a Diva cup. Thanks for the give-away!

  147. I’ve already made a huge step towards be more eco-friendly by putting my babies to cloth diapering, why not mommy do the same? I would really love to try this out! Will you make this my lucky day?

  148. Oh Oh Oh I’ve always wanted to try those.

  149. I am totally wanting to try this! and have for months….but of course never get around to ordering it….

  150. oh, i’ve wanted to try one of these for a while now, just haven’t bit the bullet!

  151. I want to try the Diva cup….hope I win!

  152. Excited about trying this product.
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  153. like Suburban Tree Hugger on Facebook
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  154. Thanks for the chance! I’ve been wanting to try this!

  155. thanks for the chance to win! I am dying to have one!

  156. I so would like to try one! I was just searching info about the Diva Cup yesterday!

  157. I currently use ob tampons and was told by a friend that it’s easy to switch from them to this. I’m super curious about the Diva cup now and am totally for anything to help reduce waste!

  158. Yes please!!! I have been putting off buying a Diva, but I really need to get on it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. I would love to try one. Had to use a diaphragm for a while so I think I could totally wear a Diva Cup. No matter how big (or long) my pad is I always have a leak somewhere up my back or on the sides of my panties, so I think this product would be perfect for me!!!

  160. I would to try one of those pretty Diva Cups. Thanks for the free giveaway!

  161. I would love one of those diva cups. It would make my life soooo much easier!

  162. I would love to try this! Have used Instead in the past, but this looks like it works differently….

  163. I would love to try them… my periods are quite heavy and I have to wear a tampon and a pad and change them every couple hours… this would save me tons of money!

  164. I have known about the Diva Cup for 3-4 years, but haven’t had the guts to try it yet. Maybe this will be my chance to finally try it out. :)

  165. I have been wanting to try these for some time now! Hope I win.

  166. At first I was weirded out by the idea of this, but after reading up about them, I totally want one! Would love to win it!!

  167. I am a fan of the Suburban Tree Hugger on facebook. I wanna win!!

  168. I’d love to win. I was planning to buy one this month anyway.

  169. I have always wanted to try one, just haven’t gotten that far yet

  170. Not quite sure about this but I am very intrigued.

  171. I’m planning to buy one too. May as well win one.

  172. Yes! First I have to see what size the winners want. If the 2’s are gone then, I will open the cart up to allow backorders. They only take a few days for me to get an order from the distributor.

  173. Yes! First I have to see what size the winners want. If the 2’s are gone then, I will open the cart up to allow backorders. They only take a few days for me to get an order from the distributor.

  174. Also, thank you Crystal for running this giveaway and for all the new fans. With spring break last week, and internet issues with my laptop this week, I’ve barely been online! Let me know if you have any questions via email – reesa @ suburbantreehugger (dot) com.

  175. Also, thank you Crystal for running this giveaway and for all the new fans. With spring break last week, and internet issues with my laptop this week, I’ve barely been online! Let me know if you have any questions via email – reesa @ suburbantreehugger (dot) com.

  176. It will be up in a sec. Store updates take a few minutes.

  177. Yahoo! justo ordered! Now if only I could get my son to breastfeed a little less so that my period returns…

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