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A few years ago I started a blog, mainly because I needed an outlet for sharing my deals with friends and family. At a time when we were nearly broke, I also hoped we could at least cover our grocery bill with money earned on my blog through ads and affiliates.

Within a year my site had grown by leaps and bounds, but I found that I wasn’t excited about what I was doing. I was helping people save money, but was I really writing about the things I wanted to? I was passionate about living healthy while saving money, but this wasn’t coming across in my blog posts. So that year I changed the focus of my site to just be about saving money while living healthy, natural and green.

I was concerned about how my readers would react to this change, but you all responded back with such enthusiasm, that I knew I had made the correct decision. Two years later, I’m finding myself making another scary yet exciting decision. I find myself asking, what will my readers think? Will they stick around? Will they run away and no longer come back to visit me? Am I just making too big of a change?

But my decision, while ridden with questions, is an easy one to make. Why? Because it is what I am passionate about. To me, nothing is worth doing unless I am truly passionate about it. For the last year, I’ve found myself more and more disenchanted with how I operate my blog. Yes I am helping people save money and live healthy, but I am genuinely tired of deal posting.

There are so many deal blogs on the net, that I am not really sure I am offering any sort of ย value for my readers. What I truly am passionate about is writing, and helping people live healthy, productive lives. I love to write. I enjoy posting recipes, diy tutorials, health and wellness tips and topics, content articles on easy ways you can save and live healthy, fitness posts and other content that is similar to these topics.

So with a little trepidation, but much excitement I’m announcing a big change to This will no longer be a deal-focused site. This is going to be about content, and in-depth posts on how you can really have a natural and thrifty lifestyle.

What’s continuing in 2012:

  • Natural and Thrifty in 365
  • Recipes
  • Organic and Green Living Tips
  • Organic Gardening
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home & Garden Help
  • Once a week round-up of organic and natural deals.
  • Whole Foods Weekly Deals
  • Costco Organic Price List (to be updated regularly)
  • Occasional deals during the week.

What is discontinuing:

  • Almost all of the weekly store coupon match-ups
  • Daily Deals.

I’m doing this for you my readers, because I feel this will have more value for you. I am also doing this for myself, because writing while helping people live well is my passion. This will allow me more time to focus on my content, my Savvy Blogging work, and have more time with my family.

I look forward to 2012 as being the best year yet on my site, and I hope that you will stick around with me. Let’s share, learn, and grow in a natural, thrifty and healthy lifestyle together. If you don’t want to stick around, that’s okay. I completely understand! I’ll miss you terribly though. My readers mean the world to me. In a world that is so fast-paced, it’s nice to have my corner of the internet where I receive blessings from comments, emails, tweets and Facebook friends.

Cheers to following your passions! Let’s make 2012 fabulous together!

What is your word for 2012?

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  1. I am excited to see the changes. I check several deal links per day for various reasons. I have enjoyed your site because I can find so much more besides daily deals. I have tried several of your recipes, found great organic deals, tried several of the gardening & “green” tips! Thank you for taking the time to post such a variety of topics!

  2. Well, I, for one, love it. I’m totally with you- the whole “deal blog” thing is getting a little overdone. I don’t read your blog because I want deals (I actually ignore the deal posts), I read it because I enjoy your perspective.

  3. I don’t think you should be nervous about this at all. I think even if you lose some readers due to the change, in the long run you’ll have a better blog for it, and it will only help you build a dedicated core of involved readers.

  4. I personally cant wait :) I think its awesome……found you I think in 2009 and have been around ever since ๐Ÿ˜‰ -onedog

  5. No complaints here. Well, actually, I will miss the amazon deals; you’re the only daily blogger in my rss feed who does those. So I might find a new blogger to add to my feed, but I definitely will be keeping your blog in there too. Good luck this year!

    • Hey Lucy thanks for the nice words. The Amazon deals will be going into a weekly round-up of deals, and also some will occasionally be posted throughout the week. They just won’t be posted as frequently as in the past. I like the Amazon deals, too can you tell? :)

    • Jungle deals & steals is a good site for Amazon! I believe Money Saving Mom does a weekly round-up of their top deals, too.

  6. I am excited about this too! I read your blog because you offer something different. The recipes are great and i love love love the 365 series!

  7. Love it! There are plenty of blogs talking about a $5 toy I will trip over 100xs and want to get rid of after 3 months. I don’t need more of that ;). I do need to know about how to live the bst healthy life I can afford! Thank you!

  8. Oh, I am so excited for you and the blog! I agree, there are too many deal sites-I have you, MSM, and Southern Savers all in my feed-but mostly just look to southern savers for the deals & you & Crystal for the other “stuff.” I’m putting a healthy/green focus on our family back on the front burner after it taking a backseat to our youngest last year, and I find myself using coupons only sporadically. My only wish is that you’d do a BJ’s price list too (or direct me to another blogger who does!-we’ve joined back up with them since they are the closest again (I hate Sam’s, their selection is awful) Anyway, I think this is a great direction you’re taking the blog!

  9. I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a few years now, so I thought the least I could do is let you know, I, as a reader, am completely in support of your decision. Like others have already stated, I tend to skip past the deal posts to get to the content of your blog. Although I’m not as “crunchy” as you, I have brought many of your tips/posts into my daily life. :) I am continuously inspired by your passion, and by the commitment you make to your family to live a healthy and well life. I wish you all the best, and hope to have the privilege of enjoying your blog for years to come.

    Thank you!

  10. I will continue to read your post. Be true to yourself. Others will follow, for they want to stand in truth.

  11. I think this sounds great! I will be sticking around! I agree with above comments in that there are PLENTY of deal sites out there, but I love your blog in that it focuses on being healthy and green, which I can always improve on! Plus, as a mom of young kids, too, I like to hear about what you are doing with your family as well. Happy New Year!

  12. I mostly look at your site for healthy-living tips. I’m excited for the changes, and wish you the best of luck. However, will you still be posting your Costco trips? It’s nice to see what kinds of healthy, organic items you can purchase there. I’ve also enjoyed your Costco database. Will you still have this?

  13. I think your decision is great, I’m looking forward to future content. Glad to know your time will better be used.

  14. Awesome! The things you’re keeping and expanding on are definitely the content that I find most interesting on here :)

  15. I’m excited. I read your blog primarily for the healthy living tips and new ideas. While I have never tried your “no-poo” experiment, I have enjoyed reading about your experiences like this and other suggestions. I did like your posts on amazon and trader joes, but no big deal. I really enjoy your blog.

  16. Works for me since that is primarily what I read, anyway. I have really enjoyed your site & I am sure it will only get better with time. But, can you please keep a few of your clothing deals going? Just once in a while?! Because of you, I discovered 6pm & I do LOVE it- they have great organic options, too. Don’t you hate that cotton is laden with pesticides- YIKES! See, you helped me find a little green in the clothing department (both in savings & environmentally speaking) :)
    Looking forward to another year watching the Thrifty Mama evolve & inspire others:) Keep doing what you do!!! Thank you

  17. What attracted me to your site in the first place wasn’t the deals, but the great tips for green and healthy living that’s also budget friendly. I think you’re decision is only going to make for a better, unique blog! Keep up the good work!

  18. Totally happy about your decision. I check three sites regularly. Yours is the one I go to before I head to Whole Foods and Costco. :) You’ve had a great emphasis on health and green living, so I’m glad I’ll still see that. Cheap foods aren’t cheap if you feel bad and have to go to the doctor often. I think you see confirmation all through your comments about the direction you’re going. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take care!

  19. i’m excited for you. change is always good but sometimes hard! our family now eats a specific diet (grain and sugar free) so most of the store “deals” didn’t get looked at by me anyways. i’ve loved all your tips and tricks about going more natural!

    i’m glad you’ll continue with the costco trips too. we buy tons of organics at costco (along with amazon, iherb and azurestandard) and i’m always a little thrown off that other couponing/thrifty sites slam the warehouse stores. i can’t get the products we eat/need elsewhere so costco it is and generally they’re way cheaper there.

  20. Girl. Friend. I’m pumped. :-)
    I started following you mainly for the deals and coupon matches, but I, too, have moved to the healthier side of living. I rarely do the ‘coupon sweeps’. I use them when I can, but it’s rare. I have a son now and 2011 posed a few health issues for myself and my husband. We’ve cleaned up our diet and have a whole new perspective on things. And you’ve helped so much! I’m excited about 2012 and excited to see what you’re bringing us. :-)
    Yay for passion!

  21. I appreciate all you’v done and look forward to the changes. In the past year we’ve made huge changes in what we eat and the way we live our lives. I’m exicted for the changes here. And like some others said there are tons of deals sites out there already.

  22. I am excited to see the changes! I found your blog several years ago when I couponed…but now that I have gone totally organic I no longer coupon. And this journey into organic and beyond has brought many changes for me and my family as well…we are now trying to do as much raw food as possible, and totally homeopathic or herbal approach to medicine, as well as the healing powers of food. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Good luck and many blessings!

  23. Too bad…..but it’s whatever makes you happy in life…I will miss your website : (

  24. Wonderful post! I am excited about the direction your blog is going and look forward to reading it as you move forward. I am also inspired by your decision to follow your passion!!!!

  25. I am glad that you listen to your heart and follow what believe in. You can’t be all things to everyone, but you do need to be true to yourself. I think I have been following this blog for a couple of years now. Life is a journey, and everyone is not at the same place or ready to embrace the same things. I have definitely noticed the evolution of your thinking in the content of posts during that time. I appreciate that you have made me stretch and think about things. Just because some of your readers may not be ready to do something doesn’t mean it isn’t enlightening to learn about it. It took me awhile to try the no-poo shampoo, but I am so happy that I did. I love it and have passed it on to many people. I’m looking forward to what you have planned in the next year. :)

  26. I appreciate the direction your blog has taken! I used to be a ccoupon blogger, and followed a similar path leading me to a whole foods diet and healthier lifestyle for my family. I quit blogging because of it. I respect you very much for taking the direction you feel led to go!

  27. I am happy for you but sad for me. :-( I know, selfish…but I do come on here briefly each day to check for deals, especially around the holidays. I don’t even want to get started with another deals blog because I like your format and your perspective. But I believe in what you’re doing- following your passion- so I support you all the way.

    • Thanks for the kind words Nicole! There will still be some deals, just not as much. And I’ll step it up around the holidays, don’t worry. I need those deals during the holidays, too! :)

  28. I am very excited about the new direction for your blog! What you are talking about on your blog is exactly some of the things I am incorporating into my life. I am looking forward to all I will learn from you.

  29. I agree with everyone – follow you passion and do what you need to do to keep youself happy! Your site is pretty much the only one I follow – mostly because I found yours first and have enjoyed it since. So, I guess my question is for those who have commented on other deal sites – is there one comparable to this so I can start following that as well? Thanks!

      • Thanks – I’ll have to check them all out. I can’t wait to see what the year will bring on your site!

  30. Wow, I didn’t comment when I first read this and now look how many have already validated what I feel, too!

    I think your persona is the light that makes your site shine, and I’ll stick around for your attitude toward a simpler, thrifty, meaningful lifestyle for as long as you’re writing! I am motivated by my passion this year, too. You’ve inspired me with this site on a regular basis, and were (and continue to be) a very encouraging factor in deciding to start mine, and hopefully as it develops.

    I don’t really look forward to doing the store match-ups (And I’ve only started! :/ I can completely see the advantage to linking to someone else’s match-up and giving them the credit and the “huge” thanks, though I have not yet done that as I’m not sure about the protocol… ???) but when the ads look really good, or when I see some particular opportunity (like Tru-Whip for .29ยข!! LOL), and, especially, when I receive feedback from my readers, it reignites my passion. (Likewise, when I see mis-information that relates to my “mission” it gets me so fired up to help people. Did you see this hit my wall? That was only the half of it. You should have seen the dialogue on my personal page that I eventually removed! Lord, help me help others and not offend everybody along the way!)

    I’m sure it is that way for you, too. My opinion is that you truly have a strong sense and ability for what you’re focusing on from here on out, and it will only get bigger and better. It will be like cleaning the window – your light will only shine brighter and warm us further. God Bless and God Speed! <3

  31. Sorry, one more thing!
    You probably realize or already know that there’s a good reason why “Why You Shouldn’t Follow My Blog” is (still, right?) your most popular post! It was the deciding factor for me to follow and subscribe when I came across your site! I have sputtered bits of similar “opinion” and “this is who I am and I won’t be conforming” here and there, but I’d imagine I ought to pull it together into a post. I have the title already, and in light of that I lost a couple of followers with that afore mentioned rant, LOL (Sorry!) I’d say it’s time… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m behind you 100% for being YOU, Crystal!

  32. I think this is a wonderful change and I am excited about it! I love reading your posts that have been about those things and love your perspective!

  33. I too am happy for your change, I think this fits your focus much better and the change in focus is why I have been coming to your blog for quite some time now, there are plenty of other daily deal sites to follow to get the other info, the green and healthy, non-toxic helps are really needed. Thanks for your time and work! It is appreciated by many of us!

  34. YAY! I’m thrived with your decision to take your blog the way it’s going. I love reading about your deals but I also love reading your tip. Thanks!

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