Pink Grapefruit Martini – Perfect Summer Drink!

This drink is sure to be a hit with all my healthy/juicing readers out there. I'm always looking for ways to make party drinks healthier for my guests. This grapefruit drink is so good when you use fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (or you can always choose a no sugar added option from your local grocery [...]

Healthy Vegan Horchata Recipe

I was first introduced to legit Mexican Horchata a few years ago when I visited Mexico with my two kids. We had an amazing trip, but one of my favorite moments was the homemade horchata we received during one of our hikes. Ever since then I have tried to find a comparitively good one in [...]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles | Vegan

I've got such a sweet-tooth, and it's hard resisting all the unhealthy things out there sometimes. But if you're like me and want something delicious that satisfies the sweet-tooth while keeping things healthy, this is an incredible recipe! These chocolate hazelnut truffles are so decadent, and you won't feel like you're depriving yourself at all! [...]

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Beautycounter CBS This Morning Deal

You may have seen Beautycounter talked about on CBS This Morning, and we've got you covered if you're looking for the best deal. If you want to get the best anti-aging cream for FREE as well as save 10% on everything, then keep reading (or just scroll to the bottom if you don't care about [...]

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Grilled Corn and Tomato Summer Salad Recipe

Whether you're looking for a simple side dish to take to an event this Summer or just want something that is quick to include with dinner, this is such a healthy and tasty recipe. I absolutely love the taste of grilled corn! And having it in a yummy salad is amazing! Depending on your styles [...]

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Easy Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

I absolutely love using bath bombs! They are super simple to make, and making them myself ensures that I know exactly what is going into them. I used to get so frustrated with all of the bath bombs out there that contain things like synthetic fragrances (toxic) and even sugar (bad for the lady parts). [...]

3 Juicing Recipes For Healthier Digestion

These days digestive issues are far too common. You've heard the phrase "take care of your gut health" frequently, I'm sure. Did you know that by simply adding in some green juicing, you can help improve your digestive function and overall gut health? In order for your body to have efficient digestion, there needs to [...]

How to Include Juicing as Part of a Healthy Diet

Whether you're really good at maintaining a healthy diet or not, most people can benefit from supplementing through juicing. Studies now show that even if you eat completely healthy foods, you're still not getting enough nutrients and some sort of supplementation is necessary. Considering the fact that most of us aren't perfect in our diets, [...]