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Do you feel like you want to get healthier, but you aren’t sure where to start? What if you could kick-start your health and make positive changes right now with a step-by-step guide?

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I’m so excited to introduce my 21-Day Juicing Challenge!


Transform your eating habits, and you transform your health! This challenge naturally cleanses the body, gets rid of cravings, retrains your taste buds, improves the digestive system, kick-starts your fat-burning abilities, teaches you how to shop for healthy foods and save, and helps you to feel more energy and vibrance!

Get 5  products in 1:

1. 5-Day Juice Cleanse

($12.99 value)

Get started right with the “5-Day Juice Cleanse” to jumpstart your juicing. Many times people fail because they don’t get the right start. Get started the right way!

2. 5-Day Juice Cleanse Shopping List


The custom shopping list will keep you on point so that you don’t have to wonder what to get at the grocery store.

3. Kick-Ass Juicing Recipes

($9.99 value)

Not even sure what type of juice to drink? This has all the recipes that you’ll need to enjoy your challenge.

4. The Health-Nut Wannabe’s Shopping Guide

($9.99 value)

Transform your shopping habits by learning how to navigate the grocery store and the refrigerator, and come out healthier and frugal at the same time.

5. 21-Day Juicing Challenge Guide

($7.00 value)

Make it through all 21 days with this step-by-step guide.


If sold separately, the standard price is $39.97.

Order now for $24!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Juicing

  • What is the 21-Day Juicing Challenge? It’s 21 days of health-focused eating and drinking, which includes having one juice a day. It starts out with preparing for a 5-day cleanse, continues on into a 5-day juice cleanse, and then rounds out with focused nutrition for the remainder of the challenge.
  • Do I need a juicer to do this challenge? Yes, you do. You can see a list of best juicers for juicing here.
  • Can’t I just do smoothies? You can, but juicing allows you to absorb nutrients and cleanse a lot faster. It’s the ideal method for a juice cleanse.


About The Author

crystal collins headshot 502x502Like many people out there, Crystal Collins found herself overweight and unhealthy. As a result, it affected things like her energy levels, immune system, self-confidence, and even emotional well being.

She’s a self-proclaimed sweet-tooth turned health-nut. 8 years ago she decided to start changing her family’s lifestyle and eating habits. By adding in healthier, whole foods and regular exercise, she noticed how much her well-being and health improved.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child and finding herself at a size 16, that she really decided that it was time for a DRASTIC change.
After making dramatic changes in her eating habits and fitness, she dropped from that size 16 all the way down to a size 4. Most of this was a result of whole foods, healthier eating, fitness, and JUICING.

Now Crystal brings her knowledge to the world through her blog, books, public speaking, and every day interactions both nationally and internationally.

Questions? Contact Crystal

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