4 Myths About Juicing: True or False?

As a person that juices pretty regularly and does a bi-yearly juice cleanse, I’ve pretty much heard it all when it comes to skepticism from people. There are so many myths out there about juicing, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of these keep people from experiencing the amazing benefits of juicing.

In these recent videos, I discuss several myths about juicing…

How are you getting enough protein?

Shouldn’t you just do smoothies?

Isn’t juicing crazy expensive?

1. “How are you getting enough protein?”

It’s important to realize that this question stems from marketing. The meat and dairy industry has been spewing out the protein bit for many many years. Because of clever marketing, commercials, and partnerships with the FDA, people have come to believe that the only way you can get adequate enough protein is from meat.

This simply is not the case, as is evident from many thriving people that live on a plant-based diet. If you’re wondering how this could be, just look at the cow. A free-range, grass-fed dairy cow will wander around eating grass all day. Picture a cow in your head. That’s a huge animal. And it is able to have enough protein for not only itself, but for the baby that drinks the milk.

But perhaps that doesn’t convince you. Just check out this chart to see how much protein is actually in fruits and vegetables.

And if that doesn’t convince you still, then this still shouldn’t stop you from going on a juice cleanse or at least adding in a juice a day here and there to your diet. Cleanses are very short, and are meant to give the digestive system a break. So even if the juices had zero protein, a 5-day cleanse wouldn’t deplete your body of protein enough to harm you.

2. “Juice? What about the fiber?”

This myth is silly, because the whole point of a juice cleanse is to quickly get nutrients into the body. By removing the fiber, the vitamins and nutrients enter your bloodstream within 15 seconds. A cleanse is meant to get as many vitamins and nutrients into the body as quickly as possible, in order to cleanse and detox the body.

And unless you’ve been on a plant-based diet for a while, your body could not possibly handle all the fiber from those fruits and vegetables. Just imagine all that goes into one juice: A couple heads of kale, 2-4 carrots, 2 apples, 1/2 lemon, 1 cucumber… Can you imagine trying to consume all of that pulp? And considering that on a cleanse you’re doing 4-6 large juices a day, your body would revolt with all of that fiber!

Not pretty. Please warn me if you do that, so I will not plan a visit anytime soon. You’ll be stuck in the bathroom with some serious constipation!

If you are on a plant-based health journey, eventually you would want to move into smoothies as your body adjusts to being able to handle the fiber. But in the beginning while you’re cleansing, you’ll want to be drinking juices.

3. “I need an expensive juicer.”

Untrue. I use a blender and a nut milk bag to make my juices. The nut milk bag cost me $6.

4. “Juicing is expensive!”

If you go to the regular grocery store and buy random fruits and vegetables off of the shelf, then yes juicing will be expensive.

As with any of your shopping, it’s important to be both smart and strategic. In order to save money on fresh fruits and vegetables do this:

  • shop from a co-op
  • buy from local farmers or farmer’s markets
  • buy what’s in season
  • buy the discounted (bruised) produce
  • grow some of your own
  • bartering locally

Oftentimes, I’ve been in the grocery store and have seen the same price on conventional produce as organic. So there are deals, but you just have to be looking for them!

I hope that you all found this helpful! If you’re ready to dip your feet in, be sure to grab this free PDF: Juicing Guide for Beginners: 5 Things To Have In Your Kitchen {Hint: They Don’t Cost an Arm & a Leg}


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