Can you bleach henna hair? What about bleaching, and then using henna – how does that work?

I talk about this and more in my video today, which you can watch here:

I have bleached two times in the past before and after using henna and have had a couple of issues.

1. The color doesn’t completely bleach out. I would have needed to do probably at least 3 bleaching sessions in order to completely strip the henna all the way out of my hair. Some of the hair was being really stubborn. And since bleaching that much is actually really dangerous and could cause my hair to fall out, I decided to just deal with uneven hair.

2. The henna color doesn’t hold onto my hair as well as it did before bleaching. After bleaching and then using henna, the henna would wash out almost immediately. By about the 5th wash I was dealing with an orangey bleachy mess. Not cool, right?  It’s taken me about 5-6 henna treatments to get my hair back to normal and holding onto the color well.

3. Now I have uneven roots. I can’t bleach them again or I’m going to be dealing with the color not holding onto the roots again and I’ll just look like I belong in the circus again. The clown look is not a good look on me.

So overall I do not recommend using chemical bleach for hair, and then using henna. I also do not recommend using bleach to strip out henna. I have had poor experiences with both.

If you do want to bleach and lighten your hair, you can try these natural methods:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Lemon Juice

In the video I also showed my mixture for creating my henna. I’ve been using this method for mixing my henna for a while now, and am pretty happy with it.


Recipe for Henna mixture used in the video:

  • 1/2 packet of Henna Sooq’s Red Raj
  • 1 cup red cherry or raspberry tea
  • 2 TB grapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 5 drops carrot seed oil
  • 5 drops citrus fresh oil

I use this brand of essential oils here.


1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass or metal bowl (it will stain plastics).

henna mixing

henna covered

2. Cover with plastic wrap, and then wrap it up in a towel.

3. Store in a cool, dry place for about 6-12 hours until the dye is set.

You can test to see if the dye is set by putting a little on your skin and immediately wiping off with a wrag. If it stains and is a little hard to get off, then it’s ready!

4. Put grapeseed oil or coconut oil at your hairline and around your ears to better protect them from staining.

5. Spread the henna evenly through your hair (please please please use gloves, as this will stain your skin!).

6. Cover head with plastic wrap, then a towel to keep your head fairly warm.

7. Let set on your head for 2-3 hours. Three is definitely best. I’ve done it for as little as 45 minutes, but the color didn’t stay as well.

If you have bleached and used henna before, and what was your experience? And do you have any questions about using henna? I’m happy to help!

Happy Henna-ing!