The never-ending benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

There are so many great beauty products out there - $60 toners, $150 face creams, $30 conditioners. I'm sure they are all great, but you can't beat a $4 bottle of Apple Cider vinegar. So if you're interested in clearing up your skin, whitening your teeth, and possibly preventing cancer, organic apple cider vinegar is sort [...]

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Organic Apple Pie

Apples are getting ready to start falling off the trees, and now is the perfect time to make up an organic apple pie!  This is by far one of my favorite things to make. The kids love helping out, too! The lattice work on an apple pie is so simple to do, yet people will [...]

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Healthy Tips For Homemade Apple Pie Recipes

Homemade apple pie recipes can be passed down for generations or found in the thousands with a simple internet search.  But with this tasty autumn treat comes the challenge of keeping our traditions and sticking to our healthy diet. I want to share a few tips for making the classic homemade apple pie recipes that [...]

How to Freeze Apples

After making Crock Pot Apple Butter from the apples I picked up at the farmer's market , having a lot leftover, and picking up more apples this past weekend (Facebook update), I have apples galore in my house!  I want to save the apples for baking this fall and winter, so I'm peeling, coring, cutting and [...]

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Crock Pot Apple Butter

Crock Pot Apple Butter is one of the easiest things to make.  It cooks for a while, but the prep and actual "work" is next to nill.  This was my first time making apple butter, and I'm so thankful to all my Facebook friends that shared their favorite recipes with me.  I experimented a little, [...]

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