How to Avoid the New Debit Card Fees

Banks like Bank of America and Regions are going to start charging fees for the use of Debit Cards. Recently a new law passed, regulating what banks can charge retailers for allowing the use of Debit Cards. As a result, the bank revenue from this is dropping by 50%. So instead of this law making [...]

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Take the Pledge and Save and the 2011 DealPros are on a mission to save America $30,000,000! Next week is sending the DealPros, including me, to New York City for a "gathering of the minds" to help people save money! So far the Pledge Bank is up to $19,000,000 and we are so close to our goal of [...]

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Coming Soon: Natural and Thrifty in 365

I'm so excited about a new series coming to It's called Natural & Thrifty in 365. It will be a year-long series of tips on how to live healthy, go green and save money while doing so. Living green, healthy and saving money is hard. There are temptations at every turn for living an [...]

When You Lose Your Job

My family is in Colorado camping along the river in the mountains right now. I've been contemplating the fire ban that is going on right now here. The land is so dry, that campfires are banned, because it would only take one spark to set off something so devastating that would nearly be unstoppable. This [...]

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