11 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Organized

Organization is a skill that takes time and effort. With the New Year here, many are thinking of ways to elevate their organizational skills. Whether it’s investing in a new planner or honing in on new habits, organization is needed to live an effective life. If you’re looking to enhance your organization skills and get [...]

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Is Thrive Market Really a Good Deal on Organic Groceries?

I was hearing a lot about Thrive Market, and decided to go ahead and put them to the test. Is it really a good deal? I had put together a shopping cart full of groceries on Amazon, and my total came up to about $160. I put the same amount in my cart plus a [...]

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Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Did you know that you would have to brew and drink 26 cups of Peppermint Tea, just to get the same benefits that you could get from 1 drop of Young Living's Peppermint Essential Oil? This oil is very potent, and so versatile! As a general rule of thumb, I use peppermint to aid in [...]

Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil has many great uses. I love using it in my home because it helps to purify the air, and provides an uplifting scent. But it also has a few other uses, that I'm a big fan of! Lemon oil is great for cleaning, and is part of my daily cleaning routine. I [...]

Eliminate Underarm Odor With These Two Ingredients

Underarm odor is no joke. It's the difference between having a successful date and a date that flops. It's the difference between inspiring people with that moving speech and inspiring them to run for the door. It's the difference be... well, you get the picture. I'm always on the hunt for a good natural product [...]

The One BIG Thing You Need To Know Before Doing Your Holiday Shopping

You may not know this, but almost every action you take online makes someone money. There. I said it. It's time we all realize exactly what happens in the online world, so that we can make better decisions with both our actions and our finances. When you load up Facebook in the morning, they make [...]

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VERIZON CUSTOMERS: $35/Month Phone Service!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is here: Phone service on the Verizon network for only $25-$35 a month!! The phone companies have been in a price battle lately, and it seemed like Verizon was staying out of the war. But now Verizon is using a special joint venture called Total Wireless, and the plans are so [...]

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$35 BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership + Free $25 GC

BJ's is offering a special discount deal on the Living Social website through my partner link! Get a 1-year membership for only $35, AND you get a free $25 gift card to boot! That makes it like you're getting a $10 membership deal!! BJ's carries many organic items, and is a great place to save [...]

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