My Daughter Shocked Me With This Statement

This evening my daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was working on an article, and she pointed to the picture on the left here and asked, "Mom, who is that?" I said, "That's me." She didn't even recognize me from several years ago, and I was really shocked by that. She then asked me [...]

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This Guy Lost 93 Pounds in 4 Months

Today I have an amazing story to share. It is one that has completely blown me away, inspired, and blessed me. I've shared my own personal journey with juicing over the last several years and how I dropped from a size 16 down to a 2. But my story seems to pale in comparison to [...]

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Juicing Guide for Beginners {Free PDF Download}

Since dropping seven pant sizes and becoming healthier than I've ever been, I've been doing my best to spread the juicing message! Juices have completely changed my life, helped me lose weight, given me more energy, and provided me with an easy way to cleanse and detox. After juicing for several years and learning all [...]

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4 Myths About Juicing: True or False?

As a person that juices pretty regularly and does a bi-yearly juice cleanse, I've pretty much heard it all when it comes to skepticism from people. There are so many myths out there about juicing, and it's unfortunate that a lot of these keep people from experiencing the amazing benefits of juicing. In these recent videos, [...]

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Juicing Diaries: RESULTS of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

The results of my 5-Day Juice Cleanse are in!! My cleanse has gone really well, and I'm super happy with the results. Plus, this entire juice cleanse is leading me to a certain conclusion in regards to my life, and I have a super awesome announcement coming tomorrow! For now, here's a video recap of [...]

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Juicing Diaries: Days FOUR & FIVE of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

My juice cleanse has been going fantastic! I feel AMAZING, and the juices are fantastic. My energy levels are WAY up, my weight is WAY down, and my focus is on point. Here's how day four went down (video below): If you've been watching the video recaps of each day, you can probably see that [...]

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