Juicing Diaries: RESULTS of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

The results of my 5-Day Juice Cleanse are in!! My cleanse has gone really well, and I'm super happy with the results. Plus, this entire juice cleanse is leading me to a certain conclusion in regards to my life, and I have a super awesome announcement coming tomorrow! For now, here's a video recap of [...]

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Juicing Diaries: Days FOUR & FIVE of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

My juice cleanse has been going fantastic! I feel AMAZING, and the juices are fantastic. My energy levels are WAY up, my weight is WAY down, and my focus is on point. Here's how day four went down (video below): If you've been watching the video recaps of each day, you can probably see that [...]

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Juicing Diaries: Day Three of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

It's day three of my 5-Day Juice Cleanse, and I have finally reached the top of the mountain of juicing enlightenment. I'm feeling pretty incredible, I've lost weight, I have a ton of energy, and so much more is happening in my juicing world. Here's the video recap of how day three went, plus some [...]

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Juicing Diaries: Day Two of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

It is now officially day two of my 5-day juice cleanse. I'm recording my daily thoughts and experiences while on this juice cleanse and sharing it here with you all. My hope is that this will inspire to you change your life and health through juicing and healthy eating. So day two went a little [...]

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Juicing Diaries: Day One of My 5-Day Juice Cleanse

This week I'll be sharing how my 5-Day Juice Cleanse has been going. Juicing has completely transformed my health, and I really hope that this series will inspire you to be great to yourself with some fabulous juices. So this is day one of my 5-Day Juice Cleanse, and here's how it went down (video [...]

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The Most Shocking Fact About Juicing

This week's juicing cleanse is well underway, and I'm doing something a little differently this time around based on some recent information that came out as a result of some double blind studies. I recently came across this video from David Wolfe (raw nutritionist), and he taught me something that I was pretty shocked by, [...]

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What You Need To Know About a Juice Cleanse

Hello My Juicing Friends! I am officially back from the holiday break (I took longer than everyone else - is that okay?). I almost felt like I was breaking some sort of cardinal rule like "Thou shalt start back to work on January 1st." But alas, I took longer. I honestly really needed a break [...]

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