Vitamin D Overdose Symptoms

Vitamin D is so hot right now. I keep hearing about all the new studies where they are linking the importance of healthy Vitamin D levels to everything - cancers, heart health, even aging gracefully. And with the colder months of shorter days and less sunlight approach, I will be looking to Vitamin D supplements [...]

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Vitamin D, The Surprise Secret To Weight Loss

Looking to slim down a little, or maintain a more healthy weight? Some more good news about Vitamin D is that aside from strengthening your bones, warding off depression, and boosting your immune system, researchers are finding that it is full of even more surprises. It turns out that this magical vitamin can also play [...]

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Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

If your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, it’s called Vitamin D deficiency. Severe deficiency can lead to a serious condition, called Rickets in children, and a condition in adults called osteomalacia. In both of these conditions, the result is thin, brittle soft bones, which are easily fractured. Vitamin D Deficiency can also lead to [...]

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Vitamin D Drops

We don’t always get that afternoon in the sun, or the nutrient-rich meals we should. It’s just life. Thankfully, Vitamin D supplements are another great way to get the daily amount we need to maintain our health. There is a difference in the way that our bodies absorb nutrients through supplements as opposed to through [...]

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Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The list of ways in which Vitamin D benefits our health is a nice long one. Doctors and researchers are still discovering the intricate ways that it works within our body and affects our overall health. Here are a couple ways in which Vitamin D benefits us: Healthy Bones: We need calcium and phosphorus for [...]

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What Foods Have Vitamin D?

Vitamin D plays a much bigger role in maintaining our health than most people know - our understanding of its importance has grown so much over recent years - we no longer consider it just a necessary vitamin for healthy bones - it’s also a hormone! The truth is, beyond just healthy bones, we need [...]

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