One of my most popular posts here is where I talk about my menstrual cup (I use the Diva Cup brand). It’s a small silicone cup that you insert into your Vajayjay during your period. It catches the monthly flow, and you just have to empty it and clean twice a day. No pads or tampons needed ever again!

Now before you think gross, nasty, ewww, oh my gosh what the heck is wrong with you – go read my first post where I talk about how this awesome little cup changed my life. Literally – my life is forever changed for the better because of it.

Since that post went up, I’ve had a lot of questions from both friends and readers about using a menstrual cup. One of which is how to clean and care for it. While you mainly should follow the directions that come with your cup, I’ve learned a few tricks of my own.


Recently, I had become frustrated with the natural staining that happens with my cup.

Haha, just kidding. That’s actually a photo of a cup that caught on fire.

But in all seriousness, there is natural staining that occurs with regular use over time. In my frustration, I began to search for what other people were doing to remove stains and landed on this post on The Crunchy Chicken. There were a lot of great recommendations on how to get rid of stains, and the main one was to use hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide: When you start to notice staining that won’t go away on your cup, soak in a mixture of half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Leave your cup in there until it looks like new. I have done this, and my cup came out looking like new. I actually forgot about my cup for a couple of days and had left it in this mixture, and it is just fine – no damage at all. However, I know that a lot of the companies do not recommend this, so this is an “at your own risk” tip.

Lemon: When you boil your cup for once a month cleaning (see below), add a slice of lemon to the mixture. Lemon is a natural brightener.

Sunlight: Good old natural sunlight will also whiten your cup. Placing your cup in a windowsill will help to naturally brighten it. Just don’t put it somewhere that gets extremely hot (like in your car dashboard) – we don’t want it to melt!

Regular Emptying and Washing of the Cup

When emptying the cup and washing, always rinse first in cold water. Hot/warm water allows blood stains to set in so use cold to prevent this. I wash my cup with a liquid castile or black soap. I would strongly encourage you to avoid washing the cup in any kind of “regular” soap.

Once a Month Cleaning

After your cycle has ended, soak in the hydrogen peroxide/water mixture as described above, or you can boil your cup in water on the stove for no more than 20 minutes to eliminate germs.

Other Menstrual Cup Options

If you really are concerned about the staining, you might try the Lunette brand of menstrual cups. They come in colors!! I recently bought the purple one to try out as I hear that it doesn’t show stains, ever! I’ll be talking about this later, and comparing how it works to the Diva Cup.

Are you a cup user? What are some of your tips?