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The help you need to finally take action and turn your health around!

Are you tired of not knowing where to start when it comes to getting healthy? Do you feel overwhelmed seeing all of the craze in diets? Maybe you’ve tried before, but somehow never follow through on your plans to change your diet and lifestyle.

If you’re feeling out of control with your health, and don’t really know what to do then you have a serious problem. 

Not all diets are right for every single person. There are a lot of outside and inside factors that come into play when choosing the best approach to get healthy.

How are you supposed to decide what to do? How do you choose the right fitness plan? How do you choose the right things to eat?

“Winging” it when it comes to your health is not cutting it anymore. We are constantly bombarded with temptation after temptation, coupled with the fact that most of us are clueless as to what is actually good for our bodies.

But where do you start?

How do you get it all together?

Why is it so difficult to figure out and then stick to it?

The world of natural health and fitness is vast and overwhelming. Then couple that with the fact that each individual is different with unique needs, then it’s very difficult to know how to actually get healthy.

Everyone talks about getting healthy because they want to lose weight and feel amazing, but very few do it.

And most people that do end up failing. 

One BIG reason why: They don’t get the support and education that they need. What if you had someone to walk you through building a solid 3-month plan to get you through the biggest changes needed to turn your health around, and then helped you implement it?

You don’t need elaborate meals, meal plans, or workouts to get healthy! You’ve seen the health-nuts on instagram and pinterest, and already you’re deterred from the shear overwhelm of trying to make some dish that requires 5 gazillion ingredients!

No. Just no.

Granted, these things are nice and some people thrive with them. But there is beauty in the simplicity of health. Contrary to what a lot of popular health and wellness sites will tout, it’s far more simple to turn your health around for the better.

It’s a new journey and something that already seems overwhelming, so why add to the overwhelm?

Big goals are important for sure! But not at the expense of so much overwhelm that you never take action.

Because, that is the key to success – making the decision to take action!

Procrastination can LITERALLY kill you.

What if you had a way to make your big dreams of living a healthy life into small actionable goals that you can actually follow through with? Then imagine this in a timeframe that is achievable, and having the accountability and guidance you need all at the same time?

Imagine how fast your goals would become a reality with that kind of help!

It is possible! Let me show you….

How Does This Work?

It’s a 3-Month One-On-One Program based on actionable steps that we do together to transform your health and life.

#1 We Chat

  • We’ll set up a FREE 30-minute “get-to-know-you” call through an online calendar so that you can decide if working with Crystal is right for you.

#2 Schedule Our 1-HR “Revival Call”

  • If working with Crystal is right for you, you’ll schedule a 1 hour “Revival Call,” where we really define what it is you need to be doing to turn your health around.  There will be a short questionnaire to fill out, so that we can make the most of our time together.

#3 Getting Started Training

  • While you wait for our first call, you’ll be sent several training materials to get you ready. This is a crucial step so that our time together will be more focused and productive. This way we can really spend our hour together fine-tuning a plan that is best for you.

#4 Our “Revival Call”

  • During our “Revival Call” we’ll get into the nitty gritty of what it is that has been sabotaging your health, and create a solid actionable 3-month plan to help you achieve your goals. Plus, I’ll be that positive, gentle nudge to motivate you to take the action needed. Be prepared to get focused, and bring all that you have to the table!

#5 Weekly Calls

  • Each week we will have a 1-hour call together (scheduled at a time that is convenient for you). We will review your progress from the previous week, and map out the next steps needed to take towards achieving your goals.

Our Overall Goal

The overall goal of this program is to finally get you the support and focus you need to take action and achieve the results that you’ve always wanted. 3 months is all it takes to turn your life and health around. And you can get there by taking small, actionable steps without going to extremes to be healthy. You will love the results that you can achieve in just 3-months time.

Let’s Change Your Life!

Find out if working with Crystal is right for you, by setting up your free 30-minute call.

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