I’ve recently started doing Dry Skin Brushing to help tighten up and exfoliate all of my skin.
We spend so much time exfoliating and taking care of our faces, that a lot of times we don’t think about the rest of our skin. We should, because it’s our largest organ and its appearance oftentimes reflects our inner health!


1. Stimulates the lymphatic system.
2. Increases circulation.
3. Exfoliates.
4. Reduces cellulite (need this for my big booty, especially!)
5. Reduces stress.
6. Helps with digestion/reduces bloating.
7. Softer/smoother skin – I noticed this after the first treatment!
8. It’s energizing! I feel really energized afterwards!


Get a high-quality natural fibered brush that is specifically meant for dry brushing. Brush each area 6 times with a little pressure, but not so much that it causes the skin to break.

When brushing, always brush towards your heart cause this is best for circulation and your lymphatic system. A brushing session can take up to 20 minutes and should be done daily. I’d recommend avoiding doing this at night, as it tends to energize you!

Also, avoid brushing your face (unless you have one specifically for this tender part of your body), genitals, or any place that has skin irriations (bite/cut/eczema etc…).


It definitely energizes me afterwards, my skin feels softer, I appear to be more toned, and my cellulite issues have diminished just from the few treatments that I’ve done. Suffice it to say, I plan to keep doing it!


Amazon has several good options including this one that comes with a brush specifically for the face as well.

Have you tried dry skin brushing? What kind of benefits have you seen?