We all wish that we could buy exclusively organic, but it is not always possible. Here are some of my tips for adding more organic items into your diet.

Quick Tips for saving on organics:

1. Make your own breads/preserves ect… Buy these ingredients in bulk when you can get a good price.

2. Buy from local farmers, farmer’s markets and co-ops. Local Harvest is a great website to find farms and markets near you.

3. Grow your own organic garden. This is not always an option for everyone. We are in an apartment with no place for a garden. You can still do a small in-door herb or patio garden.

4. Use coupons to get items that give you overage or make you a profit. Then use that profit to buy your items. This may sometimes entail getting items that you wouldn’t normally buy.  As I share my weekly shopping deals, you may sometimes see things that are extremely unhealthy.  I usually get these items when they give me overage that I can use towards the rest of my groceries.  These items normally end up being donated.

5. Be on the lookout for coupons on organic products. See my list of organic coupon resources for some help with this. One great way to get extra organic coupons, is to email or write to companies that have organic products. They will usually send out coupons to customers that take the time to compliment them on their products. They will usually also send them out if you have had an issue with their product.

6. Decide what absolutely has to be organic and what doesn’t. Then use coupons matched with sales to save money anywhere possible!  See a list of the Top 12 Fruits and Vegetables that you should buy organic.

7. Look for mark downs at your local stores. A lot of stores mark down organic items when they are close to going out of date, or when the item is being discontinued. If you can combine coupons with these mark downs, then you will get an even better deal.

8. Stockpile! If it is something that won’t go bad right away, and you have found an incredible deal, stock up!

9. Shop in Season. Buying in season on your produce will save you a ton of money. Find out what’s in Season each month HERE.

10.  Shop online.  More companies are starting to have spectacular online deals for organic foods and green products.  See how to use Amazon to save on organics.  Drugstore.com is another favorite of mine to save on green products and organic foods.

What are some ways that you save on buying organics?

This post was originally published January 8, 2009. Disclaimer: I do not buy exclusive organic, but I do the best I can to ensure my family is eating as healthy as possible.