Aromatherapy has long been touted as a beneficial therapy for physical conditions. I myself use them daily for everything from sore muscles, to opening up the airways, to cleaning my house.

But essential oils can also be good for your mental health as well. Extracting the scented oils from various plants, aromatherapy products permeate your body and mind to offer relaxing, healthful benefits that last.

Aromatherapy should never be used as a sole treatment to those conditions that go beyond a minor state. But it can complement traditional treatments prescribed by a professional in the mental health field to make them work more effectively. I have found that essential oils can dramatically affect my mood, as well as that of my famile.

If I’m feeling down or just not focused, there are certain essential oils that always tend to help me. A few drops in the diffuser or on my wrists helps immensely!

Here are 11 essential oils that I love to help boost my mood…

1. Cinnamon

There’s a reason this scent is so popular, especially in the Fall. Just a few whiffs of this can really lift our energy levels and boost our moods.

You might notice whenever you chew a piece of cinnamon gum or smell cinnamon from the pie baking in the oven, that you start to feel happier/content.

2. Orange

Citrus oils in general are really good at not only making you more awake/alert, but also helping with overall mood. Eat something citrus-based (orange in the morning or lemon in your water) can perk you up and boost your mood.

3. Bergamot

This is another citrus oil that is one of my favorite scents out of all essential oils. It has an amazing affect on mood in general. If I ever need a pick-me-up, this oil usually covers it!

4. Jasmine

Jasmine are other excellent choice to lift a gloomy mood. It works by minimizing anxious feelings that can control your mind and thought.

It also tends to have a calming effect on your body, which will relax your mind and may alleviate depression symptoms. By combining this with Bergamot, you can eliminate irritable feelings that bring you down and achieve a more positive outlook on a consistent basis.

5. Chamomile

Chamomile tea anyone? Chamomile in general is a soothing and relaxing oil. I love to combine Chamomile with lavender sometimes in the evening. This mix relaxes me and brings about feelings of contentment.

6. Ylang Ylang

While Ylang Ylang is not my favorite scent, it is a good stress-reliever. Placing some on the bottom of the feet or combining with orange in the diffuser can help out in a stressful environment.

Is your office in desperate need of a boost in productivity? You might want to slip in some Orange and Ylang Ylang aromatherapy – two scents that help reduce stress and increase productivity.

7. Lavender

As I mentioned before, Lavender is a favorite for relaxation. I’ll add a few drops to a nighttime bath, or include a drop in my chamomile tea. It is also great for combining in the diffuser with some of these other oils mentioned.

8. Peace & Calming

This is a specific blend of essential oils from Young Living. It has been by far my favorite blend to use at night for the kids and myself. If I’m stressed at all, this goes on my chest or in the diffuser. I can almost instantly feel my mood improve, and fall asleep quickly.

9. Valor

This is another blend from Young Living, and was initially why I got past my hesitation of buying oils from an MLM. This one is incredibly powerful for not only improving mood, but increasing my focus and productivity. The scent is one of my favorites.

10. Christmas Spirit

This blend from Young Living is exactly what it sounds like. You know that “warm and fuzzy” feeling you sometimes get during the holidays? Well that’s pretty much what this blend gives you. It combines oils like orange, clove, cinnamon for an incredible mood booster.

11. Stress Away

This is the final essential oil blend that I love for improving mood. It is also a blend from Young Living that includes vanilla. The scent is incredibly relaxing, and you can usually feel the stress melt away. I’ll use this sometimes as a perfume, or in my bath at night.

There’s a reason essential oils are so insanely popular these days. There are so many benefits to using them, and aromatherapy especially is my favorite use.

If you’d like to learn how essential oils can help with your immunity, you can go download my free ebook on Essential Oils for Immunity here.

Do you have a favorite oil or blend that helps your mood?