Are You Sick of Everyone Going Crazy Over Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been around a long, and I do mean LONG, time. So why is everyone going nuts over them all of a sudden? Every day I see someone posting about them, hosting some sort of party, talking about how some ailment was cured, or sharing their shipment orders with their friends online.

Honestly, at several points I was getting annoyed. I mean… how many times do I have to hear about this?  I WAS SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THEM!

And I felt guilty for feeling this way…

I’m a natural health-nut, and I love essential oils. I’ve been using them for years and years, and they are something I cannot live without. I should be supporting people promoting health and wellness. So why was I, someone who is so passionate about healthy living and loves essential oils herself, so annoyed?

One simple reason: MLM.

Every time I saw something about essential oils from either DoTerra or Young Living, I immediately had flashbacks to my days in college. There was that fateful day when I answered an ad for a job interview, only to show up at an “interview” to sell knives to all my friends and family through an MLM.

But let’s face it, those knives were the bomb dot com. I still have them and use them. But I wasn’t a sales person, and don’t do well in high-pressure salesy situations. Some people are built for sales. I am not.

Sure I got me a set because I was weak for the high-pressure sales situation, and let’s be honest: those scissors that cut through a penny just blew my mind. But I didn’t stick with it. Why? Because passion for the product was not enough for me. There had to be something more. The high-pressure, sales and slimy tactics turned me off, so I never stayed with it.

To me, good product is not enough.

So even though I saw these great essential oil products being touted by my friends, I had an attitude because of my experiences with multi-level marketing companies. Integrity and kindness have always been the most important things when it comes to my business and my relationships with others. A product may be fantastic, but if it’s being touted and pushed through nefarious business practices then I want nothing to do with it.

So a year went by. Then two years went by. More and more of my friends had joined and were using essential oils to change their lives. Yet still I stewed and thought: I can’t believe people I care about and trust are participating in an MLM. My attitude stunk.

Then one day one of my sweetest, dearest, and most closest friends joined. She was one that I knew wasn’t salesy in the least and would never participate in a business with practices like I had experienced in the past. Then another friend that I felt the same way about also joined, and I finally started asking questions.

I asked questions about the products. I asked questions about the business side.

And after a month or so I realized one major thing that made me realize I had allowed my past experiences to color my thoughts and views: no one I had ever spoke with had ever pressured me, made me feel guilty for not joining, nor had really spoke to me much about building the business side about it.

Everyone was passionate about how the products had changed their lives, and really just wanted to see others helped as well.

At this point, I was proud of my friends for helping others live healthy. Was I ready to join this company? Well, no. I had a nice stock of essential oils from various companies already and didn’t really feel the need to join.

In fact, I did recommend the oils on my site, but linked to one of my Young Living friends because I really wasn’t interested in joining something new. I trusted her enough to link to her and still recommend the oils from Young Living without me seeing a penny for it.

which essential oils are the best

My site has always been about putting my readers first, and I felt good recommending the oils without making a dime off of the recommendation.

Then something really sweet happened: My sweetest and dearest friend bought me a Young Living kit for my birthday. She told me there was no pressure to do anything, and that she just wanted to give me a nice gift for my birthday.

I was touched, and now I’m so thankful that she did because my stubborn butt probably just would have continued on with my inadequate stash of oils. Within the first week of diffusing and using these oils topically, I personally witnessed some amazing things.

What These Essential Oils Did:

  • The very same day that I started diffusing, my daughter who had been gasping to breathe after dealing with a bout of bronchitis, was breathing perfectly.
  • My mind became extremely clear, and my work productivity increased.
  • The mood in the entire house shifted. I really don’t know how else to explain this other than to say that the emotional impact into the house was: less stress, less anxiety, calmness, peace, and serenity.
  • My son had a fever for a few hours, and then he was completely better after applying the oils topically (I used lemon, frankincense, and thieves topically while also diffusing thieves in his room).
  • My energy increased so much so that I was pushing out work, keeping the house clean, running errands, and taking care of the kids LIKE A BOSS. And for a single mother, energy is probably the most crucial necessity.
  • People that came over wanted to know what I was doing, because they could tell a difference in the environment.
  • My best friend was no longer sneezing with my cat around.
  • My insomnia was completely eliminated while using the Peace & Calming blend.
  • A friend of mine that deals with severe stomach issues and acid reflux, saw improvement and relief with DiGize.
  • Anyone that used the oils wanted to know where they could get there own.

The blends are really what have sold me on this stuff. I love Mountain Rose Herbs oils, but they don’t have these types of blends. And to save money, I was always using NOW oils, but there really is no comparison and here’s why:

I always make my own bug repellent with my oils. I use the same ingredients that come in the Thieves blend from Young Living, but I just mixed it myself with NOW oils. After an hour or so, the repellent had to be reapplied.

LAST NIGHT at my brother’s wedding and reception (took place in a gorgeous field in the middle of nowhere), people were getting eaten alive by bugs. I applied Thieves, very sparingly, to my family and myself to repel bugs because that was all I had with me.

Here’s what happened: We did not get bit for six straight hours! And these mosquitos had been vicious before we applied the oils.

This is how I know these oils are better than NOW, because I would have had to reapply. With Thieves I barely used any and we were safe from the bugs for six hours – and it was still going strong!

I have looked into the testing for purity and grade, and Young Living does do a great job, but the quality has spoken for itself in what I have witnessed. And frankly, the blends blow my mind.

So why is everyone going crazy over essential oils lately?

It’s not because of some MLM and that they are all trying to make money off of people.

It’s because the products speak for themselves, and are fantastic!

What don’t I like about them?

I’ll be honest. I don’t like MLMs. I still don’t, and probably never will. BUT, I can’t deny how awesome these oils are, and I can’t deny that I have never witnessed any of my friends that sell them be pushy, sleazy, or salesy with the oils.

And as someone that has used essential oils all her life, after using these for about a month I can say without a doubt that I’m absolutely in love with them. I thought I was an EO junkie before, but now I know I am.

So here’s the point where I could get salesy, but I’m not going to. The products are awesome, the starter kit that comes with a diffuser is a great deal, and I hope you’ll get some because they are amazing. But if you don’t, no worries.

I do hope that you will get some oils from somewhere, either way. So here are the oils that I have tried and do recommend thus far:

There are other great oil companies out there, but these are the three that I have personally tried and like. Mountain Rose Herbs does not have the blends like YL, but they do have quality oils that you could blend yourself.

I guess the biggest takeaway from this for me is that we can’t skimp on quality when it comes to our health. I was skimping by trying to save money with the cheaper oils, but they weren’t really beneficial to me as I can see now after using high quality oils. But the nice thing? You can save money with Young Living deals and their essential rewards (huge fan now).

But I digress…

I’ve officially gone over to the “dark side” as I like to tell my friends. They knew how adamant I was about not using oils from an MLM, but now I’m a convert. I guess that’s what happens when the product is amazing and the people have integrity. WINNING!

Ok, time to sound off. Honestly, I was really nervous about this post because I never thought I’d talk about an MLM on my site. What do you think about my take on this? What oils do you prefer to use? Have you experienced any awesome things while using essential oils? I’d love to know!

why is everyone talking about essential oils

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