Looking for a healthy, hearty meal to aid in your recovery from the holiday weekend? This is a good one.

A common mistake people make when choosing their cuts of chicken is going with boneless, skinless cuts. This is especially tragic when preparing chicken breast, because without the skin, which keeps the chicken moist, and the bone, which adds tremendous flavor, you end up with a dish that is so much less flavorful and nutritious than it had the potential to be.

What is more, you’ll pay less per pound when you go with bone-in, skin on. Especially when you are buying free-range organic chicken.

And remember – try buying the whole bird and breaking it down yourself! Depending on the size of your family, you could have dinner for 2 or 3 nights from one 4 pound whole chicken.



I’d love to be let in on some of your secrets for delicious chicken! Got anything worth trying?

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