Using nutrition to combat pain has been part of the medical community’s recommendation for years. But the question remains: Which nutrition plan works to help with pain and why? The right nutrition plan, combined with an exercise program can help to reduce pain, improve mobility and joint functions.

But why is this?

Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is the root cause of disease in the body. Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting off infection/disease/illness. It’s when you have chronic inflammation, that the bigger health problems begin – including chronic pain.

Weight management is often the goal in developing a good nutrition plan for people who suffer from arthritis, painful knee (or other) joints and inflammation associated with the skeletal structure of the body.

Scientific studies are now being performed to determine if modifications in diet, plus nutritional supplements can help those with certain medical disorders. But is there one diet that is a fix all?

Well yes, and no. Let me explain.

Why Diets Are Not The Answer

Diets always come with a temporary mindset. People go on and off again with diets, and as a result their health can be seriously damaged (not to mention their weight will always be fluctuating).

I do, however, believe a lifestyle change is needed. There’s no “one-stop-fix” for all the health problems that are rampant today. Ever person is biologically different, exposed to different environmental toxins/stresses etc…

A Plant-Based Lifestyle Change

A lifestyle changed is necessary for long-term success. The evidence for eating more fruits and vegetables is out there, and for most people it seems obvious. This is why plant-based diets have become more and more the obvious choice.

One of the most important benefits of a plant-based diet is that it helps some who suffer from pain to gradually reduce their intake of prescription drugs and/or have unnecessary surgery. I myself was able to eliminate chronic pain through plant-based eating, and losing weight was the metaphorical cherry on top.

Most of us don’t get the vitamins and minerals we need in a normal modern-day diet, so making sure we are getting extra nutrients wherever we can is important. For those of us who suffer from chronic pain, ensuring a healthy diet can be effective in relieving the pain and improving joint mobility.

This is because plant-based foods naturally reduce inflammation in the body. When the body has what it needs nutritionally, it is able to heal itself. The human body is a powerful thing, but it can only do so much when it is constantly bombarded with inflammatory foods.

Here are a few foods/supplements that can combat inflammation in the body:

Flax seed (in oil, liquid or ground form)

Curcumin/Turmeric (a natural anti-inflammatory)

Apple Cider Vinegar



CBD oil (get healthy, not high) and Vitamin B12 are also amazing supplements that have the potential to reduce inflammation in the body.

If you’re interested in learning more about the kinds of foods you need to be eating, download my  free ebook on Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Combat Aging here.

Plants are so powerful, and I credit them for my health and helping with overall inflammation.