Amazon is offering a free download of 25 Days to Better Thinking and Better Living: A Guide for Improving Every Aspect of Your Life. Here’s a little bit about this book:

Elder and Paul, both specialists in the area of critical thinking, present a 25-step plan for overcoming bad thinking habits and, in turn, improving one’s quality of life. Starting with the premise that faulty reasoning is at the heart of most problems, the authors provide daily exercises that focus on a particular habit. For instance, on day three (integrity), readers are asked to notice contradictions in their behavior and reduce hypocrisy. Strategies for achieving results are given every step of the way; readers are encouraged to keep a journal of daily progress. In its brevity and usefulness to all sectors of the population, this book is recommended for all public libraries.

See a huge list of more free downloads here.  These books can be downloaded for free to your computer, phone or Kindle.  Be sure to check that the price is still free before ordering, as prices fluctuate frequently on Amazon.