fresh pumpkin soup

Don’t you just love those chilly Fall evenings? They’re the perfect excuse to have a delicious soup. In the Fall, the kids and I head out to the local corn maze. We wander the corn fields, ride the hayride, play the games and always pick up a couple of fresh pumpkins. And what better to enjoy a Fall evening and use up some pumpkin than to make a fresh pumpkin soup?

There are many pumpkin soup recipes out there, but this one is completely vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and you can use all organic ingredients if you desire. This one turns out extra creamy and delicious because of the coconut milk. Did I say coconut milk? Why yes I did! I know, I know….it’s pretty much heaven in a bowl. I mean, we love pumpkin, but add in some coconut milk and it just becomes pumpkin nirvana!

Here’s the recipe:


And if you really want to mix things up, try adding some carrots and/or fresh herbs to the mix. I love tinkering with a soup don’t you? But don’t tinker too much, because seriously this soup rocks! There’s definitely nothing like a fresh pumpkin soup made with coconut milk…..pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my bottom lip.

Do you have any favorite pumpkin recipes? You guys know I’m kind of a pumpkin addict! Please share! Oh, and be sure to check out all my other pumpkin recipes here.