Handmade gifts have so much heart and character.  Surprise your friends and family this Christmas with a burlap bubble wreath.  It’s very inexpensive and takes no special skills.  I think this would be the perfect gift for a family member in a nursing facility who doesn’t have very much space for other decorations.  Also, a college student in a dorm would be able to brighten their room with this handmade gift that reminds them of home.


  • Scissors
  • 1 yard green burlap
  • 1/2 yard natural burlap
  • 10 inch foam wreath
  • 100 large head pins
  • Decorative floral picks


1.  Cut 4 strips about 3 inches wide from the long side of the green burlap.  I use regular scissors to cut the burlap instead of fabric scissors.  The burlap is very thick and rough and I’d rather not use my good scissors.
2.  Cut  4” x 4” squares from the rest of the green and natural burlap.  You’ll need about 45 natural and 45 green squares.
3.  Use 3 of the green burlap strips to cover the wreath.  You’ll need to secure the burlap at the beginning of each new strip with a pin.

4.  Secure the last end with a pin.

5.  Use the burlap squares to create little pockets or bubbles.  This is done however you can find that works for you.

Here’s how I make the bubbles:  I hold the fabric with the wrong side facing me and work the corners in a clockwise fashion.  I hold the first corner and stack the adjacent corner on top of it with the wrong side of the second corner facing the right side of the first corner.

Then stack the third corner with the wrong side of the third corner facing the right side of the second corner.

At this point the burlap square looks like an envelope.

Then with those three corners stacked together, I bring the fourth corner underneath all of them so that the wrong side of the fourth corner is facing the wrong side of the first corner.  Like I said, whatever works for you is great!

Pin the pieces together from the bottom (fourth corner) through all four corners.

6.  Create one bubble at a time.  Begin attaching them to the inside of the wreath first.  Make sure to alternate colors.

7.  Then add the next layer of bubbles to the inside front of the wreath.  Don’t worry too much about lining up the colors or avoiding the colors lining up.  Because the circle gets bigger the pattern will not create stripes.

8.  Complete the front of the wreath with bubbles.

9.  To work on the outer edge of the wreath, flip the wreath over and work from the back.  I find this very easy to create the bubble and attach it directly to the wreath without having the flip the bubble over and worry about the pin showing.  The pin will be facing the back.

Word of caution:  Don’t let the bubbles get too crowded as I did in this photo below.  Allow them to expand and fill up the space.   Here’s are two photos showing crowded (first one) and adequate spacing on the outer edge of the wreath (second picture).

After the first outer layer, it looks like the wreath could be finished.  But keep moving right along to the next few steps for a fantastic finish!


10.  Add that second outer layer of bubbles.  It really helps fill out the wreath when viewed from the side.

11.  Play around with different floral picks to find the one that suits your gift recipients’ taste.

Here is the combination that we ended up with for our handmade gift wreath.

12.  Present the wreath with the fourth green strip for hanging.  You might even consider giving a fall themed or Thanksgiving floral pick with this wreath to add to its decorative lifespan.

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I hope you enjoy making your handmade gifts this Christmas.  What do you have planned for your loved ones?

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