Healthy Appetizer: Watermelon Coconut Bites

Yesterday it reached to a stifling 95 degrees. I couldn’t step outside without instantaneously beginning to sweat (that’s lovely imagery for you…).

After picking up the kids from school, we came back to the house and I just had to sit down for about 30 minutes, because the heat was so intense (does this make me a whimp?). Well, it was time to cut open that watermelon that I’d just recently picked up, because everyone knows watermelon fixes everything when it’s hot! Right? AMIRIGHT?

Anyway, so I decided to do a little bit of experimenting, and thought maybe I’d try sprinkling shredded coconut on mine. Sweet fruits of the gods, I was hooked. It’s so simple that I didn’t even think it deserved an entire post devoted to it here on my site, but then I called myself crazy because the taste alone makes it deserve its very own post.

Actually, the sweet blend of watermelon mixed with the tropical coconut almost makes this worthy of an entire book. But I’m not sure I could get a publishing company to accept a book entirely about watermelon coconut bites.

So, a post it is.

watermelon coconut bites

Pretty much all you do is cut up your watermelon into cubes, and then dip them into some shredded coconut. It’s so simple, I’m sure your mind is completely blown.

Just imagine serving this at parties as an appetizer with some toothpicks. Your guests with think you slaved over this…actually probably not ’cause it’s pretty obvious how simple they are. However, your guests will be like, “OMG, that’s so simple! I never would have thought of that, and these are freakin’ amazing! It’s like a party in my mouth – a tropical one!” True story. If they don’t say that word for word, I don’t know what’s up with your party guests.

Anyways, enjoy the bonus of this being both a frugal and healthy dessert/snack/appetizer at the same time. Now I’m off you go make some more.

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