When we adopted our one year old dachshund, Lady Lucy, she was on  a wheat-free diet.  Her original veterinarian could not confirm if this restriction was necessary due to allergies.  We consulted with our new vet and determined it would be best to avoid wheat in her foods.

It was difficult to find training treats for her that were wheat-free and inexpensive.  So we played around with different ingredients to make our own homemade dog treat recipe.

This Banana Carob Biscotti came from a desire to combine delicious foods that our dog would love and that we already had on hand.  Everything came from our pantry and this saved us from having to buy special ingredients.  Of course, we checked each ingredient to make sure that it was safe for dogs.  You can never be too careful with this because there are many foods that people eat that are very dangerous for dogs.

I chose to use brown rice flour in place of wheat flour because it’s what we had in stock.  Feel free to use whatever flour you desire.  Healthy fats in this recipe are found in the flax seeds and coconut oil.  The flax seeds and oats also offer fiber to the biscotti.  The carob powder is added to give dogs the enjoyable flavor of forbidden chocolate.  Find out more about the health benefits of coconut oil and flax seeds for dogs and people.


Our dachshund wasn’t shy at all about showing her love for these tasty treats.  After seeing how much Lady Lucy liked it, my youngest daughter took a little nibble off of a spare treat in the kitchen.  Not too bad…but not nearly enough sweetness for the kids to be fighting over them.

These crunchy treats are great for dogs of any size.  I cut the biscotti in half for our little lady, but the full length would be perfect for serving bigger dogs.

Here’s another cute idea for making special treats your dog will love.

Please share your favorite homemade dog treat recipe.  We’d love to hear from you.  Simply leave a comment below and let us know the big hits with your fur babies.

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