How To Make Money on Fiverr

I recently did a little experiment with Fiverr. I set up an account last Winter to order a few services, and decided I would test it out and see if it was a viable way to make some money online.

So what is Fiverr?  Fiverr is an online marketplace where people buy and sell services for $5. Got a talent? You can sell your own services and potentially make some money doing so. So you may be thinking: How can this possibly be worth it if I’m only making $5?

Believe me. I thought the exact same thing. The answer is simple: Upsells, or rather “Gig Extras.”

The true way to make some serious cash on Fiverr is to take advantage of the gig extras feature.

For example:

In my gig I was offering video product demos and testimonials for $5. The client would send me their product, and I would talk about it on camera for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Did it seem worth my time? Well, not unless I was getting a really nice product to keep.

The key to making it worth my time was my gig extras. For $5, I would say a 45 word script. To speak more naturally on camera (like a natural testimonial), that was a gig extra of $10.  If the client wanted me to wear a clip on mic for improved audio, that was also an extra $10. If the client had a specific location request, attire request or speedy delivery, then that was extra as well.

So you can see the potential here. After about a month of selling, my average orders were over $15. The videos would take me about 30 minutes to make, edit, and deliver. So in essence, I was making at least $30 an hour. Not bad for a little bit of side work, right?

Here Are The Steps to Make Money on Fiverr

1. First sign-up for an account on Fiverr.

2. Browse around at the available services, and consider what you might be able to offer as a service there.

Note: Look closely out how successful sellers in your niche have their offers set up. And on the flip side, look at how people who are less successful have things set up. This will give you a good starting point on things to avoid and what you will need to do to become successful. 

3. Purchase a $5 gig from someone. This is an important first step, because if you want to be a seller it’s important to understand the purchase and review process. Sellers gain status by getting and maintaining a good star rating (similar to amazon).

4. Plan your first Fiverr gig, and go through the set-up process. You’ll need a nice photo, and you should definitely consider making a video to talk about what you are offering. Fiverr gigs with videos tend to sell more. Even if you don’t have good video equipment, you can record something on your smartphone, and edit with simple editing software like iMovie. People that view videos are 64% more likely to buy than those who do not (source).

5. Make sure to title your gig with good keywords that people will be searching for. Since I was doing product demos on camera, my title was “I will demo your product on camera.” I also green screen videos, and those were titled “I will produce a green screen video.” Just make sure you always use good relevant keywords.

6. Publish your gig.

Now comes the hard work. It’s time to spread the word about your gigs. The more eyes and purchases you can get on it, the better you’ll rank on Fiverr search.

7. Get friends/family to purchase your gig, so that you can hit the “Level One” seller status. Once you reach level one, than you can start adding gig extras, which is what is going to help you make real money on Fiverr. Once you sell 10 gigs and have been on Fiverr for a month, you can do all those nice upsells.

8. Be consistent, and be willing to keep your customers happy. If you are making consistently good times in delivering quality orders, you’ll begin to do really well with sales. Fiverr rewards quality sellers, so make sure you’re one of them!

how to make money on fiverr

Quick Tips For Fiverr Success

  • Deliver orders on time. Late orders reflect poorly on you, and will affect your ranking in Fiverr searches.
  • Make it VERY VERY clear exactly what you are offering, so there is less room for misunderstanding. The description area of your gigs allows you to be extremely clear.
  • Promote your gigs on social networks, to your friends and family (just don’t SPAM!).
  • The more you can sell on your own, the faster you’ll start ranking well on Fiverr and get some good orders coming in.
  • Even if you don’t promote, you will start to get orders trickling in.
  • The faster you can sell and get good reviews, the faster you’ll move up in the ranks as a quality seller.
  • DON’T agree to communicate with customers outside of Fiverr. This is against their TOS, and it means you will lose your account.
  • Don’t get discouraged by negative customers. Some people want you to hang the moon for $5, and that’s simply not possible. Do your best, and if there is a conflict or a bad review even though you did quality work, take it up with Fiverr and they will more than likely take care of it.
  • If worse comes to worse, offer to refund their money. One bad review is not worth $5, as it can ruin your potential orders.

Now that I have been a seller for a few months, I’m making some pretty good money. Almost none of my orders are just $5. People usually purchase an extra of some sort. This makes them happy that they are getting that little something extra, and I’m happy with the additional money in my bank account.

Do you use Fiverr or have you considered it? What are some of your tips as a buyer or seller? I’d love to know, so be sure to tell me in the comments below. 

how to make good money on fiverr

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  1. Mike March 1, 2015 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Personally I find it the easiest to start making money on Fiverr by following your interest while providing a service that is in high demand, such as video testimonials (if you love acting, that is). These days video testimonials are all the rage and if you’re not extremely shy in front of a camera, you can certainly start making some money quickly on Fiverr by investing in a decent quality camera. And pretty much that’s it! Just follow your intuition and have fun doing it, and understand that at the beginning you’re not going to be making a lot of money shooting videos of yourself, but if you look at the ones on Fiverr that have 2000 plus positive reviews, you know that there is serious money to be made if you persist, which is what I’m aiming to do.. so far I’ve got about 10 but I’m optimistic that through hard work and dedication I’ll be driving the numbers up steadily..

    The key is creating value for others while having fun doing it, and be consistent.. and remember: creating a service is much easier than creating a product.


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