An easy way to save money and have freshly milled flour, is to grind your own. But wheat grinders are very expensive. So here’s how to mill flour inexpensively without using a flour mill or wheat mill.

Flour in the blender.

Step One: Place 2 cups of whole wheat berries in a blender. Any more, and your wheat berries will take longer to turn into flour. Better quality blenders work best for this.

Wheat berries.

Step Two: Turn the blender on high, and let it blend your wheat berries for about two minutes. Admire your flour.

Flour in blender.

Step Three: Using a sifter, sift your flour into a bowl so that the flour is separated from any wheat berry particulars that didn’t get blended enough.

Sifting flour.

Step Four: Blend left over wheat berry pieces one more time to get any extra flour out that you can get.

Left over wheat berries

Step Five: Use flour right away or store in the freezer.

Flour in the freezer.

Now wait and don’t throw those left over wheat berry pieces away. You can actually add water to them, heat them up in the microwave and have something similar to cream of wheat for breakfast. It’s quite lovely to eat!

I own an expensive wheat grinder, but I’ve found I prefer using the blender. It’s far less messy and noisy. I also feel like less flour is wasted. The only issue is that a blender doesn’t get as fine a flour as the wheat grinder does.

Now go have some fun grinding your own flour without an expensive wheat grinder! And let us know how it works out for you.