Gardening doesn’t have to be a complicated process with multiple chemicals and fertilizers. Making my own organic fertilizer with just banana peels, is so FANTASTICALLY SIMPLE that I don’t know why more people don’t do it.

Whether you’ve got a full garden bed or just a few plants inside the house, everyone can benefit from taking banana peels and making some easy fertilizer.


diy organic fertilizer made using bananas (1)



  • Organic Banana Peel
  • Water


Soak the banana peel in the water for a day or two, and pour the water over your plants.

The nutrients from the banana peel go into the water, and you’ve got yourself an amazing fertilizer that your plants will love.

See how simple that was? Even the kids can participate in making this, and you don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals!

Now at this point you don’t want to throw the peel away, so be sure to putĀ it in the compost for even more benefits from having your own compost that your plants will also love!

diy organic banana peel compost fertilizer

Have you tried this method of making organic fertilizer for your plants? Do you find that it works well? Let me know what you think!