So all of a sudden my news feed is blowing up with people bashing Jenny McCarthy because doctors are saying they misdiagnosed her son in 2005 as having autism. It’s a never-ending slew of….

“Jenny McCarthy should be locked up.”
“She’s a menace to society.”
“That’s what you people get for listening to a former Playboy Centerfold.”

I take all kinds of issue with all of this and here’s why…

Number One: It was the DOCTORS who diagnosed the child, and not Jenny.

Number Two: I’m pretty sure that she’s been consistently saying, since 2008, that she was able to cure his autism. So I’m wondering how in the world this has been blown up by the media all of a sudden?

Number Three: Vaccines are linked to multiple issues including autism in more than just her son. It’s definitely a hot topic, but there is a multitude of evidence that should no longer be simply ignored. How often do you hear of drugs being pulled off the shelves and lawsuits happening after it’s too late? All.The.Time.

Number Four: Shaming a woman because of a “supposed” medical misdiagnosis and advocacy for health is wrong. For years I’ve followed her and she’s always been the voice that said “take the toxins out.” It’s not been an anti-vaccine message, but a “pro-safe vaccine” message. This is a message that I wholeheartedly agree with. I think vaccines have done some wonderful things, and I think they could do even more if the toxins were taken out. Check out a quote from her from a Green Our Vaccines Rally:

What I really am is “anti-toxins” in the vaccines. I do believe that there is a correlation between vaccinations and autism. I don’t think it’s the sole cause, but I think they’re triggering–it’s triggering–autism in these kids. A really great example is…is, sometimes obesity can trigger diabetes. I do believe that vaccines can trigger autism…It’s so much more than just mercury. That is one ingredient in the recipe of autism…People don’t realize that there is aluminum, ether, antifreeze, still mercury, in the shots.

Number Five: Bashing a woman, and making fun of her viewpoints because she worked for Playboy is pretty much sexism, right there. Yes, I’ve seen people calling her a “blond bimbo with big boobs”. I don’t think it gets much more sexist than that. That’s like saying every woman with blond hair and big boobs has no right to any sort of opinion.

I’m really disheartened that so many people are bashing and discrediting her just because she used to work for Playboy. “That’s what people get for listening to a Playboy Centerfold.” Really? That’s a low-blow. So because a woman made different choices about her body than you did, it means that nothing she ever says has any value?

I thought that our society had advanced far beyond the days of chauvinism, into an era of love, acceptance and respect for other human beings, no matter where they come from and no matter their political/religious/medical views? And hasn’t Jim Carrey been working with her in the same activist group, and saying the exact same things that she has? How could we possibly listen to an actor/comedian’s point of view on this?!?! The nerve of a man like him actually taking a stance on something like this. He clearly is way too thin and has dark hair (dripping with sarcasm)!!

Number Six: The articles circulating the internet look horribly sensationalized, saying things like “her son MAY have never had autism,” and “Jenny is reversing her initial position that the MMR shots caused Evan’s autism. Jenny now says she wants vaccinations better researched.”  Wait, isn’t that what she’s been saying all along since the beginning? “Take the toxins out.” I’m confused why this is news?

Number Seven (THE EVIDENCE):

There are nearly two dozen studies that prove that vaccines can cause autism. Advocates are demanding further study, and for companies to take the toxins out. It seems absurd to me that this somehow seems to all be discredited because doctors say they misdiagnosed one woman’s son.

I find it odd that there were two court rulings in 2012 that confirmed autism was caused by vaccines, yet people still continue to scream that all of the “take the toxins out” advocates are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Court ruling…you saw it, right?

In Summary…

I’d love to see us bring the debate to the table and actually have a respectful conversation vs. taking jabs at a woman’s choice to be a part of Playboy. If that’s the only evidence you can bring, then you probably won’t win Nationals for your high school debate club.

Jenny has repeatedly said (years ago!) that she cured Evan’s autism (see link above). Just because he is finally cured, does not mean that everything she’s stood for as a health advocate is wrong. In fact, I’d venture to say that it actually confirms that she knows a little something about what she’s talking about.

And seriously…no more Mom bashing. Some people choose vaccines, others do not. At the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our kids and the World, but we just see the process differently. I see no need to call someone an irresponsible parent for allowing vaccines. Just like I see no reason to bash a woman because she advocates for safer vaccines.

Jenny McCarthy should be locked up? How about she be locked on stage as a role model for other women and moms to step forward and have their viewpoints heard – no matter their history, their appearance, or their viewpoints. We have enough hatred and maliciousness in the World already. And frankly, I’d like us to leave the witch hunting back in Salem.

So where do you stand on this issue? I have no doubt this post will cause some of you to get a little fired up. Bring it. Just don’t bash me or anyone else in the comments, please. Your words said behind a keyboard can still hurt someone. No shame – discussion welcome.  

(Edited to add: Jenny McCarthy has responded to all of the insanity. See the following statement from Jenny).