Why Juicing is Better Than Smoothies

This debate is a huge one, but not necessarily as bad as you might think. I made a video this week for you guys to talk about why juicing is better than smoothies.

In the video I mention the benefits of both. Both are actually good for you, but in a lot of cases juicing is better and here’s why:

When you juice, it goes into your blood stream in 15 seconds. That’s crazy fast! Most people today are chronically unhealthy, and can really benefit from how quickly they can get nutrients from a juice.

If you’re not eating a healthy diet and try to do a bunch of smoothies, your body can’t actually handle all that extra fiber that it’s not used to.

why juicing is better than smoothiesSo I always recommend that everyone go through a “Cleansing Phase” of changing your eating habits first, before getting to a “Maintenance Phase.” In the maintenance phase is when smoothies are super beneficial.

But until then, drink up my friends and start seeing those benefits in 15 seconds!


P.S. Make sure you check out how to do a juice cleanse here.

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