I have many people ask me why a juice cleanse is important. These days our bodies are so completely toxic not only from the foods that we eat, but also from things like our environment and the products that we use on our bodies.

It’s not just enough to make smoothies, or do a Meatless Monday once a week. Our bodies need a complete reset, cleanse, and reboot. This is what I call the “Cleansing Phase.” Once you’re able to work through some of the cleansing and detoxing, then you can move into a “Maintenance Phase.”

But for the purpose of this post, we’re working on the Cleansing Phase. And the best way to do that is to jumpstart with a 5-day juice fast. This allows the body to…

  1. rest and recuperate
  2. cleanse
  3. reset
  4. revive
  5. do a complete resetting of the palate and taste buds.

Several years ago I jumpstarted my weight loss with juicing.

To date I have lost over 70 pounds, and dropped 7 pant sizes. I have since taken my method and created a 5-day plan which includes recipes, shopping list, and the entire meal plan here.

I’ve also created a video series to answer some of the more commonly asked questions. Each video is between 2-5 minutes, and well worth the watch if you are seriously considering doing a cleanse. Click to watch below, and it will take you through the video series playlist.

Why is a juice cleanse so important?

  • Most people are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. ¬†Juicing allows you to get a lot into your body very quickly (it enters the bloodstream within 15 seconds!).
  • A cleanse allows you to reboot your digestive system, cleanse out toxins, and rejuvenates your body.
  • It clears your mind, and tends to bring more focus to you.

If you’re seriously considering a juice cleanse, you can read up more on how to get started juicing and and download this free¬†5-day juice cleanse here!

As always, I hope you all are being good to yourselves. Let me know if you have any questions.

Much love,