My oldest daughter is always busy with a crayon in her hand creating some new work of art.  That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this tutorial to make your own coloring book for free.

Supplies you will need:

  • Digital images
  • Printer and paper
  • Three-hole punch and three-ring binder (or stapler)

Directions to make your own coloring book:

  1. Select digital images that have a very clear subject and minimal background.  If you have a scanner, you could also scan prints into digital files for use in the project.
  2. Use photo editing software that you have on your computer.  Your software might have a “photocopy” filter or “sketch” function to alter the image.  You can also use a free online coloring page generator if you don’t have photo editing software.
  3. Save the new coloring page image to your computer.
  4. Use a word processing program to insert the image.  Resize it to make it as large as possible for kids to color.
  5. Add a text box label at the bottom of each image.
  6. Add lines to the bottom of the page if you want kids to take notes or write a story.
  7. Use a three-hole punch and insert pages into three-ring binder.  If you don’t have a three-ring binder to recycle, you could use a stapler to bind the edge.
  8. Make a cute cover page to place on the front.
  9. Present this to your child with a new pack of crayons as a special gift.

Creative Uses:

  • Create family albums for extended family members.  Include their name and relationship to your child.  This is a great way to help kids recognize faces at upcoming family festivities.  You could also use this idea with immediate family for teaching spelling of names.

  • Make a zoo explorer notebook.  Use images from your last trip to the zoo.  Kids can color the animal and use the space at the bottom to take notes on your next trip to the zoo.

  • Find an image for each letter of the alphabet.  Compile these coloring pages to make an ABC book for young learners.
  • Select action photos or family vacation photos to transform into coloring pages.  Put lines at the bottom of each page.  Ask your child to write what happened in each picture or their favorite part of that day.  This would be a good way to help children cherish moments and document their feelings or recollections about a day or event.
  • If the photos are funny or intriguing, make a thought bubble for your little one to fill in.
  • Give your child an entire book of themselves to color any way they want.  Who hasn’t thought about what they’d look like with polka dots and candy cane stripes?

How will you be creative now that you can make your own coloring book?

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