My Daughter Shocked Me With This Statement

This evening my daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was working on an article, and she pointed to the picture on the left here and asked, “Mom, who is that?”

I said, “That’s me.”

She didn’t even recognize me from several years ago, and I was really shocked by that.

She then asked me why I look so different, and I told her that I lost weight with juicing and eating healthy.
She put on a big smile and told me I look so beautiful, but that I was still beautiful back then, too.
And then my heart melted… Kids really are amazing!

redhead juicing before and after

But I really loved the message in our little conversation: You are beautiful, anyway!

My initial thoughts after seeing this photo again were, “Wow I can’t believe I didn’t even brush my hair or put on makeup for that photo.”

See how critical we can be of ourselves, no matter how far we’ve come? While it may never be a photo worthy of a magazine cover, I love it because of the pure joy I experienced that day fitting into a size 2 for the first time.

So here’s my question to you: Do you feel beautiful and see beauty when you look in the mirror?

You should. Your beauty is not dependent on societal standards, photoshop, weight, or even the hair on your head.

Your true beauty comes from being your unique self.

One of the things I really discovered through my juicing journey, is that it’s not about appearances. For me, it was a life or death choice. I decided that I wasn’t happy at a size 16. I didn’t feel good, I became sick often, I dealt with depression, and I struggled to feel well on a daily basis.

With diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and so many other conditions rampant today, I knew I needed to do something to change my life before I ended up in a no-win-hospital-bed type situation.

I am so joyful and blessed by the changes I’ve made with juicing, and they inspire me daily to share my message with others. Yes, I’m a business owner and need to make money to feed my kids, but I hope that never deters me from my message of changing the world by changing the health of the planet, one person at a time.

I hope you are blessed and thriving, and can truly see your beauty — even if you don’t brush your hair or put on makeup. 😉


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