Natural & Organic Coupons: Larabar, Uber, or Jocalat Bars

There’s a reset printable coupon for $0.75 off any 3 LÄRABAR, ÜBER OR JOCALAT bars.  Jŏcalat is an organic chocolate food bar made from fruits, nuts and Fair Trade Certified chocolate while LÄRABAR is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices that are made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients!

What’s your favorite flavor?

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I'm a former sweet-tooth turned health-nut. After a difficult loss of a first pregnancy and having a second child with a heart condition, I became obsessed with health and wellness. I revamped our entire family's lifestyle, dropped seven pant sizes, and created a website where I could share our story and help support people wanting to make small changes day by day in order to live well. I also support my family by the work that I do here through advertising content, affiliates, and partnership/consultant links within content. When you click and/or order, it puts food on our table. Thanks for all your support, and may you live well and thrive!

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  1. Amanda September 7, 2012 at 10:31 am - Reply

    I’m boycotting Larabar. 😉


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