Dryer balls are an excellent “green” way to dry clothes faster, and they are also an excellent substitute for dryer sheets. I absolutely love using my felted wool dryer balls that I bought on Etsy, but I also really wanted something to help scent my clothes in the dryer.

So I grabbed my bottle of lavender oil, and placed a few drops on my dryer balls. Now my clothes come out smelling like lavender, and it is so nice to have them scented naturally.

One word of caution: Send the dryer balls through alone on a short cycle, or place them in a closed pillowcase, in the dryer after you first put essential oils on them. Otherwise you will get oil spots on your clothing. After the first run, they should then be fine.

Love essential oils? I’m a self-proclaimed oil-junkie! Read up on the brand of essential oils I absolutely love and currently use for everything from warding off strep, to eliminating my daughter’s asthma.

I bought my felted wool dryer balls from DreamsweptAlpacas on Etsy, and they were well worth the $18 that I spent for four. They have lasted a very long time, and I don’t foresee them going anywhere for a while.

Photo courtesy of DreamsweptAlpacas on Esty.