Apples are getting ready to start falling off the trees, and now is the perfect time to make up an organic apple pie!  This is by far one of my favorite things to make. The kids love helping out, too! The lattice work on an apple pie is so simple to do, yet people will be so impressed by the beautiful apple creation!

If you’re not in the mood to make up some apple pies now, be sure you’re stocking up and taking advantage of apples being in season!  You can freeze the apples for baking up some scrumptious pies during the upcoming Fall and Winter months.

organic apple pie recipe

One of my favorite things about baking up goodies in the kitchen is that I can get the kids involved. They love helping me make pie crusts! I whip up some whole wheat pie crust mixture, get the kids to wash their hands (of course!), and we go to town making up some pies in the kitchen.

How do we make an organic apple pie? We just use all organic ingredients when we make ours. Here’s the recipe:


organic apple pie 1

The lattice work is probably the trickiest part about making your own organic apple pie from scratch. When you roll out the pie dough for the top, use a knife to cut long strips. Then place 5 strips length-wise across the pie. Next, one-by-one add strips in the other direction going over and under the other strips. Over-under-over-under. Then you end up with this beauty:

organic apple pie 3

organic apple pie 6

organic apple pie 4

A lot of people love making these pies during the holidays, but give me an apple pie any day of the week! And we especially love doing these apple pies when Fall hits and those apples are just falling off the trees ready to be harvested! What do you like to make with apples? Do you have a favorite apple pie recipe that you use? I’d love to hear about it!

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