Here’s today’s organic and natural shopping trip at Costco. I go to Costco about once a month and stock up on items we use regularly. This saves me a ton of money in the long run, and most items last me a month or more. In this case, some of these items will last us about two months. I decided to stock up even more so I can wait longer until I visit Costco again.

Organic Costco Trip for May

Please excuse my messy home in the background! Total spent on everything in the photo: $241.32. Gasp!

Well if this stuff ONLY lasts me for a month (which most of it will go longer), that’s an average of $60 a week spent on organic and natural groceries. This is more than I normally like to spend, but we stocked up on a lot of items, and filled our freezer with three different big packages of organic vegetables, two organic chickens and much more.

And you will be happy to know that I was able to update the Organic Costco Price List. 25 new items have been added to it, so check out the organic Costco deals here (bookmark it so you can find it easily as I try to update it once a month).

If you shop at Costco, do you feel that it saves you money?