Going from Two Incomes to One: How to Make it Work

Whether you have made a conscious decision to move from a dual-income to a single-income situation or you find yourself in this position unexpectedly, there are actions you can take to minimize the financial impact. The idea of losing one income due to early retirement, layoff or simply a lifestyle decision can be daunting, especially [...]

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Feeling Unfocused? Try This

This day and age it's nearly impossible to start a task without some sort of distraction screaming for our attention. An email pings, a text comes in, or the phone rings and suddenly we're doing everything except the one thing we need to get done. It can be 30 minutes before we refocus on the [...]

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I Tried Instacart Grocery Delivery for a Month

The new wave of the future seems to be heading in the direction of getting everything delivered to our doors. And is this really a bad thing?  I love being able to place an order for groceries from my phone and have them delivered within 2 hours. Who wouldn't love that? So I finally took [...]

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What Are Microgreens – And How To Grow Them

Microgreens have been around since the 1980’s, but only in the last decade have they started trickling into restaurants and recipe books across the nation. Recently, they’ve exploded in popularity and earned recognition as a “superfood” due to their impressive nutritional content and plethora of health benefits. Before we dive right into all the details [...]

11 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Organized

Organization is a skill that takes time and effort. With the New Year here, many are thinking of ways to elevate their organizational skills. Whether it’s investing in a new planner or honing in on new habits, organization is needed to live an effective life. If you’re looking to enhance your organization skills and get [...]

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4 Easy Supplements That Help With Sleep

Trouble sleeping is so common, and one of the most troublesome complaints because it is linked to so many health problems. When you have trouble sleeping it affects your immune system, stress levels, and overall wellness. I personally have had my share of sleep issues. Over the past few years I've been able to help [...]

Exhausted? 11 Ways to Fight Fatigue

Do you feel exhausted and lethargic? Most people deal with fatigue in some form or another. It could be temporarily due to life stresses/habits, or may be more long-term due to health-related issues. Whatever the case may be, when you are fatigued you are both physically and mentally drained. Daily tasks that were once so [...]

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Why You May Need to Use a Sleep Tracker & A Good One To Use

Many people are so busy during the day that they aren’t really aware of what’s going on with their bodies. This chaos carries over into sleep as well. As part of my Sleep Series for Health, I wanted to cover the topic of sleep trackers and why you may need to use one. I've also [...]

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