I hope you all haven’t thrown out all your pumpkins yet.  If you want to make some delicious pumpkin pies, pumpkin breads, pumpkin muffins and even pumpkin popsicles then it’s time to hit the kitchen.  I make my pumpkin puree just a little bit different than most.  Most people bake the pumpkins, and I agree that this is the best way to keep in all the nutrients.  However, I notice that my breads turn out extra moist when I use the following method.  You can do the same method for squash as well.  I did this with our cushaw squash, as well as with one of my pumpkins.  Only three more to go!

Step One:  Cut your pumpkin (or squash) in half and remove the seeds.

Pumpkin Puree Step One

Pumpkin Cleaned

Step Two: Cut into small pieces for peeling, then cut into smaller chunks. Place peeled pieces into a pot.

Pumpkin Puree Step Two

Step Three: Add water and bring to slight boil and reduce heat to simmer.

Pumpkin Puree Step Three

Step Four: Once you can easily stick a fork in and out of a piece (should slide in and out), then drain the chunks, let them cool and puree with a hand mixer.

Pumpkin Puree Step Four

At this point you can bake with your puree or put it into containers for freezing.  Now you have a healthy and very inexpensive ingredient for your holiday baking.  This also makes excellent, healthy baby food as well, so be sure to set some aside for your little munchkin.

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