Woohoo, it’s Fall (almost?)! So I was ready for the cooler months, figured out this pumpkin smoothie recipe, but then wasn’t sure what to call it. Do I label it a smoothie or a shake? Typically, ice cream as the main ingredient makes a drink a shake, but what about if you use something like almond milk as your main liquid – as I do with this recipe? Is it then considered  a smoothie, or some kind of hybrid that’s across between a smoothie and a shake? I know! I’ll call it a shoothie. Anyway, here’s the yummy delicious directions for this pumpkin smoothie recipe. Whether it’s a smoothie or not, well that’s debate-able….but who cares!? Man, this stuff is so good and healthy to boot that I don’t care what you call it.

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe



Combine all your delicious ingredients in a blender and mix until will blended. Enjoy topped with a little pumpkin pie spice, and possibly homemade cool whip if you’re feeling daring! Serves 2-4 and it’s cheaper to make than to buy at the drive-thru!

If you use almond with agave or raw sugar  in this recipe, then you’ve got yourself a really healthy vegan pumpkin smoothie….er…shoothie! Have you tried this recipe? Are there any variations that you’ve tried and would recommend to others? Tell us so we can all enjoy the goodness!

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