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I have been searching for a vintage farm table for what seems like the longest time. I’ve been from thrift store to thrift store, yard sale to yard sale and have come up with nothing.

Then, something spectacular happened. As I’m driving by an old used appliance store, sitting outside is a thing of beauty. It’s a table. And not just any table. It’s a table to be admired, enjoyed and bring a family together every evening.

After some haggling with the appliance guy, we got him to come down from $300 to $60. Yes, you read me right. The guy kept going on like it was some table from the 1700s…um I think not. I’m not easily deceived. More like from 1970. Could be older, but no way is this from the 1700s.

Well, without further ado, here’s my masterpiece:

Table Before

Table Leg

Table Charm

It’s rough in some spots, but it adds to the charm don’t you think? I’m already working on the table, and can’t wait to show you an after reveal. So any guesses as to how old you think this is? And don’t tell me it’s not a farm table, because I’m pretending it is. Ignorance is bliss!

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