If your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, it’s called Vitamin D deficiency. Severe deficiency can lead to a serious condition, called Rickets in children, and a condition in adults called osteomalacia. In both of these conditions, the result is thin, brittle soft bones, which are easily fractured.

Vitamin D Deficiency can also lead to other serious health conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, type-II Diabetes, cancer, high blood-pressure, and even depression!

Watch out for some of these symptoms that may be early signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency:

Bone pain, or frequent bone fractures: Because we need Vitamin D to absorb calcium, if we aren’t getting enough of one, we aren’t getting enough of the other! We need calcium to maintain strong, healthy bones.

Muscle Aches / Muscle weakness: Vitamin D helps to maintain muscle composition and prevents too much fat from accumulating along the muscle tissues.  A lack of Vitamin D will compromise this function and balance, leaving you feeling weak and experiencing muscle pain.

Sleep Issues: Studies show that a lack of Vitamin D can cause sleep issues: insomnia, and restless sleep, causing extreme fatigue.

A few other more severe symptoms:

-Schizophrenia & depression



-Heart Disease

-Types of Cancers

It’s also good to take note that some people may be more prone to a Vitamin D deficiency than others. For instance, people with darker skin (the darker your skin, the more sun you need to get Vitamin D), people who spend a lot of time indoors, infants who breastfeed, and pregnant woman. Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

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