Tinctures: Here’s What They Are & How To Make Them (+ Chamomile Tincture Recipe)

Ever heard of something called a tincture before? It's basically an alcohol extract of a plant. It usually has an alcohol/ethanol percentage of at least 25%. Most common tinctures are herbal extracts. You can find tinctures at your local health food store, or you can make them yourself. This is actually a good skill to [...]

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Natural Remedy for Varicose Veins: Horse Chestnut Tincture Recipe

Do you have twisted and enlarged veins in your legs and ankles? I've started having these things appear on my legs in places that I know I have crossed my legs a lot in the past, and from the pressure of sitting the same way at the computer most days. I see them and am immediately [...]

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That Time I Put Garlic in My Vagina…

Seems like a perfectly normal title for a blog post... let's go with it. I recently had a bout with bronchitis that simply would not leave no matter how many natural remedies I used. You know how it goes...you do everything in your power to stay well and still sometimes you catch that one thing [...]

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10 Natural Herbal Headache Remedies

Headaches are usually a sign that something is wrong in the body, and they are the bodies natural way of releasing toxins. Headaches can have many different causes such as digestive disorders, muscular tension, PMS, stress, caffeine addiction, eyestrain and more. Treat the underlying problem, and the headache will go away. Many medications these days [...]

Natural remedies to help with sleep + my “Homemade Sleepy Tea” recipe

I've had my share of restless nights. I notice how they happen more frequently when I'm really stressed. You know how it is...you just finished that episode of Doctor Who and you're horribly distraught that your favorite Doctor just regenerated into someone new? Yeah...that's the worst. I've lost many nights over that one. So what [...]

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