So you wanna do a smoothie challenge… but what really happens when you participate in one of these GSG Smoothie Challenges?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone, as results will vary, but others as well as myself are reporting some of the following…

1. All the energy! Seriously… how do I have this much energy?!



2. The scale! OMG the scale keeps dropping!

jim carrey energy

3. How do I put this nicely? My digestive system is all kinds of regular right now.


4. Sleep! I can sleep! 

happy sleep

5. Caffeine? Who needs that anymore? <chucks the soda>

no need for caffeine

6. Working out doesn’t seem so intimidating… yeah, I got this!

working out

7. It’s like my mind is super clear, and I’ve got laser focus!


8. I’ve never been this productive in my life! Wow, I’m getting ish done LIKE A BOSS!


9. Dagnamit, I just feel happy. 

so happy

10. Better health makes for a better quality of life. And that’s just priceless.

smoothies make happy

Wanna give it a shot and see what happens? Join the GSG Smoothie Challenge here!