This is Why You’re Still Unhealthy

I’ve had a lot of time to think about writing this article. Over the past several years, I’ve been battling my own personal demons when it comes to staying healthy.

I’m not perfect by any means.

I’m that woman that had every intention of going a full 30 days with Jillian Michael’s workouts, and then kind of fell off after about two weeks (a few years ago).

I’m that woman that had every intention of going vegetarian, and then ended up with that burger on my plate (a year ago).

And now I’m that woman that wanted to go fully raw plant-based, and landed somewhere in the “semi-healthy” vegan grey zone (this year).

But you know what? I’m still that woman that lost over 70 pounds, and is now on a full plant-based diet. It took me several years to get here, but I’m here nonetheless.

Why? Because despite the fact that I failed miserably at times, didn’t do as well as I wanted to, or fell off the bandwagon when I knew that I shouldn’t have – I STILL KEPT GOING.

So many times I see people that want to get healthy. They have every intention of doing great things for their bodies, make grandiose claims on social media about what they plan to do, and yet all of that is gone within a month’s time.

We see it every year, right?

New Year’s Resolutions! We’re all going to the gym, and will finally be healthy, right?


healthyholiday smoothies

If you’re wondering why you’re still not healthy, and why you fail at all of your good intentions to change your life, then here is your answer:

You didn’t keep going.

You cheated…had that one thing you shouldn’t have…stopped staying active…

And you know what? THAT’S OKAY. But the real problem is that you let your setback stop you.

It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay that you didn’t follow through in every area. It’s okay that you had a bad week.


So you had an off week, or an off day, or even an off month. Make the decision that this is a lifestyle for you, and that you WILL KEEP GOING EVEN IF IT ISN’T PERFECT.

Because at the end of the day, your life depends on it as do your loved ones.

Keep going. Brush off yesterday’s imperfections, embrace today’s imperfections, and just.keep.going.

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